2011-2012 Fantasy Basketball Draft Day Sleepers and Bargains

I participated in several drafts this weekend and noticed a few players who seemed to be slipping, undervalued or even completely ignored in each draft.   If you haven’t drafted yet, the players below could be great bargains on draft day.  Sometimes winning a fantasy title requires gambling a little on unknown circumstances.

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Rodney Stuckey, Detroit – I’m guilty of missing out on Stuckey in a keeper league that drafted Saturday morning.  I should have checked the news just before drafting, where I would have noticed that Stuckey has been signed for the next three seasons by the Pistons.  His contract status surely kept his price down.

Shannon Brown, Phoenix – Brown was only a last round flier or went undrafted in many leagues this weekend.  He’s better than that and should be a late round pick.  He’s slipping because the Suns keep mentioning Jared Dudley as a challenger for the starting SG spot, but I think Brown is clearly the better player.

Michael Beasley, Minnesota – I managed to pick Beasley up at a huge discount.  I guess the speculation surrounding Derrick Williams is eating into Beasley’s price, but I’ll take it. 

Thaddeus Young, Philadelphia – Young is another guy I was able to grab cheaply in a keeper league.  He still isn’t a starter, but if you have a spot to stash him in a keeper league, he should be huge value next season.  Sometimes you just have to plan a year ahead.

Paul George, Indiana – Rumor is that George has grown a couple of inches and now stands 6’10 – at shooting guard.  It seems like eveyone is penciling him in as a bench player, but he’s got a real shot at starter’s minutes off the bench and maybe even a starting spot.

Stephen Jackson, Milwaukee – Jackson isn’t happy with his contract and he’s using his back as an excuse to put a little pressure on the Pacers right now.  This is the same trick that Baron Davis used.   I doubt SJax has a physical issue and he’ll be just fine come opening day.

Baron Davis, Free Agent – Baron went from having a herniated disc in his back that was going to keep him out nearly three months to only being out until next week.  If the truth be known, he could probably play today if the Knicks called him up.  He’s going undrafted in many leagues, but if you want a starting PG with huge upside, he’s the perfect gamble.

Shawne Williams, New Jersey – This one is probably a combination of just being signed and the fact that nobody really has a clue who Williams is.  He’s a long range sharpshooter who has a great chance at minutes now that Travis Outlaw has been amnestied out of Jersey.  If you need threes, Williams is a later round must draft.

Nick Young, Washington – Young’s contract status is scaring people away, but it presents the perfect opportunity to pick up an explosive offensive player at a huge discount.  He’s going to sign somewhere, probably with the Wizards.

Vince Carter, Dallas – Yes he old, but he’s going to get big minutes in Dallas.  I’ve seen guys completely ignoring Carter on draft day and that’s just wrong.

Jason Richardson, Orlando – Another older player who is being ignored.  With the shortage of decent players at SG and his ability to carry you in the three point category, he shouldn’t be sliding as far as I’ve seen.

Aaron Afflalo, Denver – Another guy who’s sliding because of his contract status, but that’s just a buying opportunity.  If you want to win a fantasy title, you have to gamble when others won’t.

Ricky Rubio, Minnesota – With all the hype over the last couple of years you would think that Rubio would be overdrafted, but oddly I think the opposite is happening.  Maybe everyone has just heard so much hype that they have just convinced themselves that it can’t be true.  Don’t let Rubio slip.

Jarrett Jack, New Orleans – Maybe it’s the funny name or his odd shaped head that’s scaring drafters away, but Jack has skills and he has a starting spot on a backcourt with Eric Gordon.  That’s a pretty sweet fantasy combination.

Chris Kaman, New Orleans – You would think that a recent all-star traded to a team with no center competition would increase a player’s value, but Kaman has been ignored in just about every draft I’ve seen.  Someone has to pick up the offense for the Hornets, why not Kaman? 

Chuck Hayes, Sacramento – He had an abnormality flagged on his physical, but all reports are that he’s taken additional test and everything is good to go.  I really think that the Jeff Green news struck so deeply that people are just hearing ‘heart problem’ on Hayes and just lumping him in the same category as Green.  Don’t let Hayes slip too far.

Devin Harris, Utah – I’ve seen Haris slip a long way in every draft.  He’s the starting PG for the Jazz with no real competition for minutes.  Yes, he’s got some past injury issues, but it’s crazy how far he’s slipping on draft boards.

Josh Howard, Utah – Howard has gone undrafted in many leagues.  Maybe owners just haven’t heard the news that he’s signed with the Jazz and that Andrei Kirilenko isn’t expected back.  The Jazz really have no other option at small forward other than Howard.

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