Daily Fantasy Basketball Cash Game Strategy and Sites (8/27/09)

Daily fantasy basketball contests played for real money are becoming popular these days and this section of the site is dedicated to helping you pick a roster for those cash contests.

I play fantasy basketball at several of the sites including FantasySportsLive.com, Draftbug.com, PaperSports.com and Snapdraft.com. I play under the username of Tippy on each of the sites.

Each day I will post my roster selections and recommendations for the salary cap contests. These cash games definitely require skill and planning, which takes alot of time and information gathering. Hopefully, this section of the site can save you guys some valuable time when playing these daily games.

As the season gets closer, I’ll probably post a review of each of the sites to help you choose the one that best suits the kind of games you want to play.

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