DraftStreet Salary Cap Daily Fantasy Basketball Game Review

I’ve recently started doing a little more playing on DraftStreet and figured I’d post a review of my experience on the site for you guys.

DraftStreet is probably the second biggest site in the daily fantasy industry and the daily basketball traffic has really been growing this season.  If you want to give it a look, you can SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE.  To register, all you have to do is supply your name and a valid email address, then pick a screen name and password and you are ready to go.  They offer free games that you can play just to get a feel for the site without having to deposit real money.  If you want to play games for real money, you can fund your account with any major credit card or Paypal.

DraftStreet offers all major fantasy sports and has three different fantasy basketball games, but I’m just going to cover the salary cap fantasy basketball game in this article.  I’ve posted a review of the DraftStreet Live Snake Draft Game HERE and a review of the DraftStreet Pick’em Game HERE.


Roster Positions

The DraftStreet Salary Cap Game is set up like most of the other daily fantasy sites such as Fanduel and Daily Joust, but it has a few unique features that I think makes it a better all around fantasy game.  The first thing that DraftStreet has done differently is the composition of their rosters.  They use a bigger roster with looser position designations and more FLEX spots.  The game consists of 2 Guards, 2 Forwards, 2 Centers and 2 FLEX/Utility spots.  The Guard positions are not broken down into shooting guard/point guard, so you can use any type of guard you want to fill your Guard spots.  Same for the Forward position.  The two FLEX positions allow you to pick any NBA player for those spots, which is very convenient if you want to build your team around a certain statistic such as assists or blocks/rebounds.


Scoring Format

The other difference is the scoring format.  The DraftStreet Salary Cap Game uses a much broader scoring system which includes the following:

Points = 1 point
Rebounds = 1.25 points
Assists = 1.5 points
Blocks = 2 points
Steals = 2 points
Turnovers = -1
Missed Field Goal = -.5 points
Missed Free Throw = -.5 points

As you can see, the scoring format is a little different from other sites and also uses statistics that reward good FG% and FT%, so if you are used to playing in leagues that use shooting percentages, then this game might be more suited to your tastes.


Game Duration

DraftStreet offers a unique game that you can’t find anywhere else with their week long fantasy contests.  While most of the games are just one day contests, DraftStreet also offers the same game that lasts 7 days, which is much like a season long league scoring period, but you still get to pick a new team after that one week matchup is over.


Types of Salary Cap Games

DraftStreet offers Head to Head, 3 Player, 6 Player, 10 Player and 20 Player Leagues.  They offer 50/50 Double up games and large field tournaments.

You can also find just about any buyin level to suit your budget from $2 games all the way up to $500 games for the high rollers.


Overall, I’d say that DraftStreet is one of my favorite places to play salary cap basketball games due to their roster flexibility, comprehensive scoring and large site traffic and table selection.  To play a couple of free games just to get a feel for the site, you can SIGN UP HERE FOR FREE.


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