Fanduel Daily MLB Fantasy Baseball Review

It’s summertime and fantasy basketball is on vacation until October, so we’ve only got fantasy baseball to get us through the summer!  If you like fantasy sports and need an outlet to get your fantasy fix, check out Fanduel’s Daily Fantasy Baseball games!  Since I know most of you guys were still wrapped up in fantasy basektball during April and probably didn’t do much baseball drafting, there isn’t any season long commitment with these daily fantasy baseball games.

At Fanduel, you pick a new team everyday and the contest only lasts for a single day.  Tomorrow you get to draft a new team all over and play again!

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Here is the Fanduel Scoring setup:

Roster Positions (9 Players Total):  C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, SP
Salary to Spend:  $35,000
Single – 1 point
Double – 2 points
Triple – 3 points
Home Run – 4 points
RBI – 1  point
Run Scored – 1 point
Stolen Base – 2 points
Outs -   -.25 points

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