Fanduel Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Review

Fanduel is offering Daily Fantasy Basketball Games this season and will continue to run games throughout the playoffs as long as there at least three games on the daily NBA schedule.

If you guys haven’t tried these games, you have to give them a look, as they are incredibly addictive.  The games only last a single day and you draft a new team each day.  All of the season long league worries such as injuries, benchings, trades, etc. are out the window with daily leagues.  These daily games a simply much more enjoyable way to play fantasy sports, especially for us ADD fantasy addicts, LOL.  And you can win some pretty good cash at the same time.

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Here’s how the game works:

Roster (9 Players Total):  2 Point Guards, 2 Shooting Guards, 2 Small Forwards, 2 Power Forwards and 1 Center

Salary:  $55,000 to build your team

Two Point FG:  2 points
Three Point FG:  3 points
Free Throw:  1 point
Assist:  1 point
Rebound:  1 point
Blocked Shot:  2 points
Steal:  2 points
Turnover:  -1 point

Fanduel offers Head to Head contests, Three Team contests, Ten Team contests and Large Field Tournaments.

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