Fantasy Basketball Daily Boxscore Review (11/10/09)

Some very high scoring games last night which was a bit surprising.  The pace on five of the six games was 96 possessions, with the MIN/GSW game having 110.  The eFG% in all the games was excellent, sending each of them to a high total. I’ve seen some speculation that the new rims are causing a jump in scoring, but I’m not buying that as the cause of excellent eFG% numbers.  I’d say it’s more just very poor defense.

Fantasy Studs:  Devin Brown, Chris Paul, Stephen Jackson, Kelenna Azubuike, Richard Jefferson, Manu Ginobili, Chris Bosh, Wilson Chandler, Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Boozer, Steve Nash, Jason Richardson

Fantasy Duds:  Emeka Okafor, Al Thornton, Mikki Moore, Stephen Curry, DeJuan Blair, DeMar DeRozan, Danilo Gallinari, David Lee, Chris Duhon, Channing Frye, Elton Brand


PHO 119 @ PHI 115  Poss:  96  PHO ORtg: 124.0  PHI ORtg: 119.8

PHO:    eFG%  62.9   OReb%  17.1   DReb%  73.0   TO%   12.5   FTR  37.6
PHI:     eFG%  56.7   OReb%  27.0  DReb%  82.9   TO%   11.4    FTR  32.9

Game Notes:  Steal Percentage: PHO 4.1% – PHI 9.3%…Floor Percentage:  PHO 52.8% – PHI 58.0%….Percentage of total points from three:  PHO 37.8% – PHI 13.0%….Excellent shooting from both teams.

PHO Fantasy Notes:  Grant Hill 11pt/8reb/3ast….Amare Stoudemire 40min/17pt/6reb, 6-14….Channing Frye with a poor game, 10pt/3reb, 4-13 shooting, 2-9 from three….Steve Nash a monster assist game, 21pt/20ast, but 7 tov….Jason Richardson finding his stroke, 11-16 for 29 points…Jared Dudley good game off the bench, 18pts on 6-7 shooting.

PHI Fantasy Notes:  Elton Brand still looking like a huge fantasy bust.  Grab Marreese Speights if he is still on your waiver wire since he will probably take either Brand  or Dalembert’s spot at some point….Thaddeus Young 15pt/4reb/3ast/1stl/1blk….Samuel Dalembert 8pt/5reb….Andrew Iguodala 24pt/9reb….Lou Williams 13pt/3reb/3ast/2stl/1blk….Marreese Speights 20pt/8reb.


UTA 95 @ NYK 93  Poss: 96  UTA ORtg: 99.0  NYK ORtg:  96.9

UTA:    eFG%  50.6   OReb%  26.6   DReb%  83.5   TO%   19.7    FTR  24.6
NYK    eFG%   48.1    OReb%  14.5   DReb%  73.4   TO%   10.4   FTR   28.3

Game Notes:  Block Percentage:  UTA 3.7% – NYK 9.8%….Assist Percentage:  UTA 75.6% – NYK 45.7%.

UTA Fantasy Notes:  Andrei Kirilenko 23pt/6reb/6ast….Carlos Boozer looking better every game, 23pt/14reb….Mehmet Okur just doesn’t get enough attention in the fantasy world, 18pt/12reb…Deron Williams 5pt/6reb/16ast….Ronnie Brewer 12pt/5reb/2stl….Nothing from the bench.

NYK FantasyNotes:  Wilson Chandler with a much needed nice fantasy game,  17pt/10reb….Danilo Gallinari 7pt/3reb, 1-3 from three….David Lee 12pt/7reb/2stl….Larry Hughes 12pt/5reb/5ast….Chris Duhon losing some minutes to Toney Douglas and I wouldn’t be surprised to see the trend continue, 8pt/4ast….Toney Douglas 23min/21pt on 9-14 shooting.


TOR 124 @ SAS 131  Poss: 96  TOR ORtg:  129.2  SAS 136.5

TOR:    eFG%  66.4    OReb%  16.6    DReb%  60.0   TO%   11.4   FTR  38.1
SAS:    eFG%   56.3   OReb%   40.0   DReb%  83.4   TO%   6.2      FTR  50.5

Game Notes:  No Tim Duncan for SAS  and TOR still got outrebounded by a huge margin….Excellent shooting in this game and high free throw rates for both teams….Percentage of total points from the FT Line:  TOR 18.5% – SAS 25.1%….Floor Percentage:  TOR 57.4% – SAS 62.3%.

TOR Fantasy Notes:  Hedo Turkoglu 20pt/3reb/2ast….Chris Bosh 32pt/10reb….Andrea Bargnani 17pt/4reb….Jose Calderon finally coming back to life, 13pt/9ast….DeMar DeRozan only got 13 minutes, 2pt/1reb….Very even contribution off the bench, but nothing really fantasy worthy other than 4-4 from three by Marco Belinelli.

SAS Fantasy Notes:  Richard Jefferson with his best game yet for SAS, 24pt/8reb/7ast….Michael Finley started, 7pt/3reb….George Hill got the start for Tony Parker, 22pt/5ast, only 2 tov….Manu Ginobili picking up the scoring slack for missing Parker and Duncan, 36pt/8ast on 8-15 shooting…..Disappointing game for DeJuan Blair with Duncan out, 6pt/7reb and only 19min, 5PF.


MIN 105 @ GSW 146  Poss: 110  MIN ORtg:  95.5  GSW ORtg:  132.7

MIN:    eFG%  47.3    OReb%  43.7   DReb%  74.5   TO%   25.4    FTR  21.2
GSW:    eFG%   63.7   OReb%   25.5   DReb%  56.3   TO%   10.9    FTR  41.7

Game Notes:  What a horrible performance by MIN.  GSW should have been the weak defense in this one. but it was the MIN defense who really stunk it up….The MIN offense wasn’t so great either turning it over on 25.4% of their possessions….Team A/T ratio:  MIN .8 – GSW 3.0.

MIN Fantasy Notes:  Ryan Gomes 8pt/8reb/2stl….Corey Brewer 10pt/4reb/5ast….Al Jefferson 18pt/3reb, only 20 min….Wayne Ellington with a start but did nothing with it, 7pt/2reb….Jonny Flynn 20pt/5reb/6ast….Sasha Pavlovic with a good game off the bench, 17pt/6reb.

GSW Fantasy Notes:  Stephen Jackson 10pt/6reb and somehow 15 assists….Kelenna Azubuike 31pt on 13-19 shooting….Mikki Moore with a start, 2pt/5reb.  Not sure why Nelson thinks Moore is a better start than Anthony Randolph….Randolph 23pt/7reb….Monta Ellis 18pt/10reb/3stl…. Stephen Curry 8pt/5ast, 2-8 shooting….Anthony Morrow 20 points on 7-10 shooting, 5-6 from three.


NOH 112 @ LAC 84  Poss:  96  NOH ORtg:  116.7  LAC ORtg: 87.5

NOH:    eFG%  55.8    OReb%  30.5   DReb%  75.6   TO%   14.5    FTR  23.2
LAC:     eFG%   46.2   OReb%   24.4   DReb%  69.5   TO%   17.7   FTR  25.3

Game Notes:  Block Percentage:  NOH 3.7% – LAC 12.7%….Floor Percentage:  NOH 54.0% – LAC 46.8%.

NOH Fantasy Notes:  Peja Stojakovic with a start in place of Julian Wright, 12pt/3reb/2stl….David West 17pt/9reb….Emeka Okafor 2pt/6reb….Devin Brown with another start at SG, 25pt/5reb, 5-8 from three….Chris Paul 24pt/10ast/2stl….Hilton Armstrong 23min/12pt/6reb.

LAC Fantasy Notes:  Marcus Camby 6pt/11reb/2blk….Al Thornton 8pt/1reb….Chris Kaman 14pt/6reb….Baron DAvis 8pt/8ast….Rasual Butler 14pt/3ast….Ricky Davis with some action, 14pt/6reb/5ast.

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