Fantasy Basketball Daily Boxscore Review (11/11/09)

6 games on the fantasy schedule for Tuesday, but we have a big fantasy night on Wednesday with 13 games and some great matchups.  A lot of slow games last night with 4 of the 6 having 92 or less possessions.  Not really what fantasy owners want to see. 

Fantasy Studs:  Brendan Haywood, Gilbert Arenas, Dwyane Wade, Joakim Noah, LaMarcus Aldridge, Erick Dampier, Kevin Durant, Jason Thompson, Tyreke Evans.

Fantasy Duds:  Tyson Chandler, Jameer Nelson, JJ Redick, DeShawn Stevenson, Quentin Richardson, Jermaine O’Neal, Mike Conley, The entire Houston Rockets team, Shawn Marion.


ORL 93 @ CHA 81  Poss: 91  ORL ORtg:  102.2  CHA ORtg:  89.0

ORL:    eFG%  52.4   OReb%  23.0   DReb%  75.7   TO%   15.3   FTR  17.2
CHA:    eFG%  45.4   OReb%  24.3  DReb%   77.0  TO%   17.5   FTR  18.1

ORL Fantasy Notes:  Matt Barnes 9pt/7reb….Brandon Bass about to move to the bench when Rashard Lewis returns on Monday, 14pt/3reb….Dwight Howard 15pt/10reb/6ast/5tov….Jameer Nelson 9pt/3ast and last year’s pre-injury performance is starting to look like a fluke….JJ Redick 8pt/3ast….Vince Carter 15pt/4reb, only 25 minutes.

CHA Fantasy Notes:  Gerald Wallace 13pt/9reb/3stl….Boris Diaw 14pt/6reb/8ast and it looks like he is improving….Tyson Chandler totally outmatched by D. Howard, 2pt/3reb….Raja Bell 13pt/7reb, 6-12 shooting….Raymond Felton slowly winning the timeshare vs. Augustin, 31min/18pt/4ast.


WAS 76 @ MIA 90  Poss:92  WAS ORtg:  82.6  MIA ORtg: 97.8

WAS:    eFG%  43.0   OReb%  23.6   DReb%  78.4   TO%   23.9   FTR  29.1
MIA:     eFG%  47.2   OReb%  21.6  DReb%   76.4   TO%   13.0   FTR  35.1

WAS Fantasy Notes:  Caron Butler 19pt/7reb/2stl….Andray Blatche 13pt/10reb/5ast…Brendan Haywood 13pt/11reb/4blk….DeShawn Stevenson 8pt/3ast in 40 minutes….Gilbert Arenas looking fairly healthy after being listed as questionable with a calf problem, 21pt/8ast/3stl…A total of 2pts scored by the Washington bench.

MIA Fantasy Notes:  Quentin Richardson is a tease, 0pt/5reb….Michael Beasley has a nice fro, 15pt/5reb…Jermaine O’Neal is sliding fast as the season progresses, sell if you can, 6pt/6reb….Dwyane Wade 41pt/5reb/5ast….Mario Chalmers13pt/5ast/4stl….How horrible is Miami going to be when D. Wade leaves?


DEN 90 @ CHI 89  Poss:  93  DEN ORtg:  96.8  CHI ORtg:  95.7

DEN:    eFG%  44.6   OReb%  34.0   DReb%  67.4   TO%   19.3   FTR  22.6
CHI:     eFG%  45.9   OReb%  32.6   DReb%  66.0   TO%    13.9  FTR  14.9

DEN Fantasy Notes:  Kenyon Martin was able to return from a shin injury, 15pt/10reb in 35 minutes….Carmelo Anthony 20pt/5reb/3ast….Nene 11pt/12reb/5tov….Chauncey Billups may still be dealing with a sore ankle, 17pt/6ast, 5-12 shooting….Arron Afflalo 10pt/2reb and just keeping the spot warn until Smith is ready to start…JR ‘My Name is Earl’ Smith got 29 minutes in his first game back from suspension and the rust showed, 1-9 shooting for 5pts/5ast/1stl/1blk.

CHI Fantasy Notes:  Joakim Noah continues to impress.  He cost me several cash game wins last night since I was playing against him.  For some reason I chose Shawn Marion over Noah.  Nice…..Taj Gibson with another start, 10pt/6reb/3stl….Luol Deng 21pt/6reb/5ast….John Salmons 3-13, 11pt/5reb/5ast….Derrick Rose 22pt/5ast/2blk….Nothing off the bench.


POR 93 @ MEM 79  Poss:  88  POR ORtg:  105.7  MEM ORtg:  89.8

POR:    eFG%  52.1    OReb%  24.3   DReb%  69.8   TO%   17.0   FTR  32.8
MEM:   eFG%  37.8   OReb%  30.2  DReb%  75.7   TO%   13.6   FTR  35.8

POR Fantasy Notes:  Brandon Roy 20pt/7ast….LaMarcus Aldridge 16pt/12reb/2blk….Greg Oden 14pt/6reb….Andre Miller 31min/7pt/7ast….Steve Blake 31min/14pt/2ast.

MEM Fantasy Notes:  Zach Randolp has been solid this year, 11pt/12reb….Rudy Gay 12pt/6reb/4stl….Marc Gasol 20pt/8reb….Mike Conley should be putting up better stats with Iverson out, 7pt/4ast….OJ Mayo 17pt/5reb/2ast….Nothing from the MEM bench.


HOU 103 @ DAL 121  Poss: 99  HOU ORtg:  104.0  DA:L ORtg: 122.2

HOU:    eFG%  46.3   OReb%  22.9   DReb%  74.3   TO%   13.1   FTR  41.4
DAL:     eFG%  59.6   OReb%  25.7  DReb%   77.1   TO%   14.1  FTR  27.7

HOU Fantasy Notes:  Shane Battier 3pt/1reb/3ast/1stl….Luis Scola 12pt/4reb….Chuck Hayes 0pt/4reb and losing his fantasy value very quickly….Trevor Ariza 3-10, 9pt/5reb….Aaron Brooks was the only rock who wanted to play, 22pt on 7-15 shooting….Keep an eye on Carl Landry, he could move into the starting lineup, 19pt on 7-9 shooting.

DAL Fantasy Notes:  Shawn Marion with a poor game, thanks alot Shawn for losing my cash games, you owe me….Dirk Nowitzki 23pt/6reb/1stl….Erick Dampier 32min/14pt/20reb….Jason Kidd 5pt/11ast….Josh Howard 6-14, 14pt/2reb….Jason Terry, 6th man, 24pt on 7-8 shooting.


OKC 98 @ SAC 101  Poss:  100  OKC ORtg: 98.0   SAC ORtg:  101.0

OKC:    eFG%  43.5   OReb%  18.1    DReb%  63.2   TO%   15.0   FTR  44.8
SAC:     eFG%  46.0   OReb%  34.8  DReb%  81.9   TO%    21.0   FTR  47.3

OKC Fantasy Notes:  Jeff Green 19pt/5reb/3stl/2blk….Kevin Durant 37pt/5reb/3stl….Nenad Krstic 12pt/8reb….Thabo Sefolosha 2pt/6reb/6ast/3stl/4blk….Russell Westbrook 9pt/5reb/6ast….Nothing from the OKC Bench.

SAC Fantasy Notes:  Andres Nocioni 16pt/5reb….Jason Thompson 40min/21pt/14reb….Spencer Hawes very average, 12pt/8reb/4blk….Beno Udrih making the most of his chance, 12pt/4reb/3ast/2stl….Tyreke Evans looking more comfortable now that he doesn’t have to run the point, 20pt/8reb/8ast….Nothing from the SAC bench either.

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