Fantasy Basketball Daily Boxscore Review (11/8/09)

7 Games on the fantasy schedule on Saturday and only 6 games on the schedule for Sunday.   There are some nice fantasy matchups Sunday including the Golden State/Sacramento game and the Phoenix/Washington game.  Many new starters on Saturday including Beno Udrih, Josh Boone, Renaldon Balkman, Bobby Simmons and Josh Howard with his first game action of the season.  Udrih is probably the only one worth a pickup.  Josh Howard should be already owned in most leagues.

Fantasy Studs:  Josh Smith, Chauncey Billups, Josh Smith, Jamal Crawford, Joe Johnson, Joakim Noah, John Salmons, Boris Diaw, Chris Bosh, Dirk Nowitzki, Deron Williams, Tyreke Evans, Carlos Boozer, Chris Kaman, Rudy Gay.

Fantasy Duds: Derrick Rose, Renaldon Balkman, Mike Bibby, Rasheed Wallace, Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Kidd, Ronnie Brewer, Spencer Hawes, Paul Millsap, OJ Mayo.


DEN 100  ATL  125   Poss:  99  DEN Ortg:  101.0  ATL ORtg: 126.3

DEN:    eFG%  42.3   OReb%  21.7   DReb%  76.5   TO%   10.1   FTR  52.5
ATL:    eFG%   56.3  OReb%   23.5   DReb%  78.3  TO%   8.0     FTR  34.4

Game Notes:  Percentage of total points from three:  DEN 6.0% – ATL 19.2%…..Floor Percentage:  DEN 47.7% – ATL 55.7%….Team A/T Ratio:  DEN 1.8 – ATL 3.8….Block Percentage:  DEN 4.5% – ATL 11.5%.

DEN Fantasy Notes: Carmelo  Anthony 30pt/6reb/3stl on 7-21 shooting….Renaldo Balkman with a start, 2pt/1reb in 11 minutes….Nene 12pt/7reb….Billups 27pt/7ast/2stl, 10-22 shooting….Ty Lawson 10pt/5ast….Chris Andersen 3 blocks.

ATL Fantasy Notes:  Josh Smith 22pt/9reb/7ast/6blk….Marvin Williams 14pt on 4-6….Al Horford 11pt/12reb/5ast….Bibby losing minutes to Jamal Crawford and is becoming borderline useless, 11pt/3ast….Joe Johnson 22pt/7reb/5ast….Jamal Crawford 25pt/4reb/4ast.


BOS 86 @ NJN 76  Poss: 92  BOS ORtg: 93.5  NJN ORtg: 82.6

BOS:     eFG%  45.6   OReb%  8.8     DReb%  79.1   TO%   13.0    FTR  42.0
NJN :   eFG%   46.5  OReb%  20.9  DReb%   91.2  TO%   25.0    FTR  19.4

Game Notes:  NJN actually won the rebounding stat in this one, but just got crushed by a 25% turnover rate….  Steal Percentage:  BOS 21.7% – NJN 6.5%….Percentage of total points from the FT Line:  BOS 26.7% – NJN 11.8%.

BOS Fantasy Notes:  Kevin Garnett 9pt/13reb/4ast/3stl….Paul Pierce 16pt/7ast, but 0 rebounds….Kendrick Perkins 9pt/8reb….Ray Allen12pt/4reb/4ast….Rajon Rondo 16pt/4reb/3ast/5stl, 8-11 shooting….Rasheed Wallace tough shooting night, 0-4 from three, 3-10 overall.

NJN Fantasy Notes:  Bobby Simmons with a start for Chris Douglas-Roberts who is out with the swine flu.  Simmons 10pt/5reb/2ast….Josh Boone with a start for Yi Jianlian, 8pt/12reb….Brook Lopez 23pt/7reb/2blk….Rafer Alston 20pt/7ast….Trenton Hassell started, 3pt/4reb…Terrence Williams 8pt/9reb.


CHA 90 @ CHI 93  Poss:  93  CHA ORtg: 96.8  CHI ORtg:  100.0

CHA:    eFG%  46.5   OReb%  35.5   DReb%   59.5  TO%   18.2   FTR  16.2
CHI:     eFG%   52.6   OReb%  40.5  DReb%   64.5  TO%   22.5   FTR  28.9

Game Notes:  Floor Percentage:  CHA 48.5% – CHI 54.6%….Percentage of total points from three:  CHA 40.0% – CHI 12.9%.

CHA Fantasy Notes:  Gerald Wallace 12pt/9reb…Boris Diaw finally getting in shape, 20pt/7reb/5ast/3stl/1blk….Tyson Chandler 13pt/7reb/2blk….Raja Bell 3-12 shooting, 9pts….Raymond Felton 14pt/10ast/2stl.

CHI Fantasy Notes:  Luol Deng 14pt/11reb/2stl….Taj Gibson with another start, 6pt/2reb….Joakim Noah 21pt/16reb/4blk….John Salmons 27pt/7reb/6ast/3stl….Derrick Rose 13pt/4ast/3stl….Kirk Hinrich 3-10 shooting, 9pt.

TOR 101 @ DAL 129  Poss:  97  TOR ORtg:  104.1  DAL ORtg: 133.0

TOR:    eFG%  48.7   OReb%  25.0   DReb%  81.9   TO%   14.4    FTR  32.9
DAL:   eFG%   68.2  OReb%   18.1   DReb%  75.0   TO%   9.2      FTR  24.7

Game Notes:  Team A/T Ratio:  TOR 1.1 – DAL 3.6….Steal Percentage:  TOR 5.1% – DAL 11.3%….Floor Percentage:  TOR 50.0% – DAL 62.7%.

TOR Fantasy Notes:  Hedo Turkoglu 8pt/4reb/3ast….Chris Bosh 26pt/12reb….Andrea Bargnani 22pt/5reb….Jose Calderon 13pt/4reb/7ast….. DeMar DeRozan not really worth of a fantasy spot anymore, 2pt/2ast…..Nothing off the TOR Bench.

DAL Fantasy Notes:  Shawn Marion 18pt/8reb on 9-11 shooting….Dirk Nowitzki 29pt/9reb/4ast/2stl….Erick  Dampier only 18 minutes, 5pt/6reb….Jason Kidd 3pt/6ast….Josh Howard with his first game action, 16pt/4reb/3stl….Jason Terry still got 32 minutes with the return of Howard, 19pt/4ast.


NYK 87 @ MIL 102  Poss: 99  NYK ORtg:  87.9  MIL ORtg:  103.0

NYK:    eFG%  46.2   OReb%  13.3   DReb%  65.2   TO%   17.1   FTR  21.2
MIL:     eFG%   51.1  OReb%   34.8  DReb%   86.7  TO%   19.1   FTR  18.1

Game Notes:  Floor Percentage:  NYK 40.2% – MIL 52.3%….Not only does NYK not play defense, now they don’t even play offense.

NYK Fantasy Notes:  Wilson Chandler 1-10 shooting, 3pts….Danilo Gallinari 15pt, 5-7 shooting….David Lee 18pt/7reb/4ast….Larry Hughes 14pt/4ast….Chris Duhon 1pt/4ast….Al Harrington 5pt/4reb…Toney Douglas could get a shot at the starting PG at some point during the season, 16pt on 6-9 shooting.

MIL Fantasy Notes:  Hakim Warrick 9pt/7reb…Carlos Defino 8pt/8reb….Andrew Bogut with a nice game, 22pt/8reb….Charlie Bell 5pt/2reb….Brandon Jennings 17pt/4reb/3ast on 7-16 shooting….Luke Ridnour 5-12 for 10pts….Jodie Meeks 19pt on 7-11 shooting.


SAC 104 @ UTA 99  Poss:  89  SAC ORtg:  116.9  UTA ORtg: 111.2

SAC:    eFG%   57.4  OReb%  14.2   DReb%  80.5  TO%   11.2   FTR  47.7
UTA:   eFG%   51.9  OReb%   19.5  DReb%   85.8  TO%   13.4   FTR  34.2

Game Notes:  Percentage of total points from three:  SAC 31.7% – UTA 15.1%….This was a very even game statistically.   Most of the categories were within a few percentage points of each other.

SAC Fantasy Notes:  Andres Nocioni 14pt/5reb….Jason Thompson 12pt/11reb/5ast….Spencer Hawes 7pt/4reb….Beno Udrih moves into the starting lineup, 15pt/4ast….Tyreke Evans looking very comfortable now that he doesn’t have the pressure of running the offense, 32pt/7ast.

UTA Fantasy Notes:  Andrei Kirilenko 10pt/6reb….Carlos Boozer with another good game 16pt/17reb….Mehmet Okur has been very quiet this season, 16pt/6reb….Deron Williams 29pt/15ast….Ronnie Brewer with an empty line, 8pt on 3-8 shooting….Paul Millsap wasting away on the bench, 5pt/3reb in 19min.


MEM 110 @ LAC 113  Poss:  104  MEM ORtg: 105.8  LAC 108.7

MEM:   eFG%  47.1   OReb%  36.5   DReb%  77.0   TO%   16.3    FTR  35.9
LAC :    eFG%   53.5  OReb%   23.0  DReb%   63.5   TO%   11.5    FTR  39.2

Game Notes:  Percentage of total points from three:  MEM 5.4% – LAC 15.9%….Floor Percentage:  MEM 52.8% – LAC 53.1%….Iverson is out of the picture for awhile and that definitely clears up the fantasy picture in Memphis.   Hopefully the vacation is permanent.

MEM Fantasy Notes:  Rudy Gay 33pt/6reb/2ast….Zach Randolph 19pt/12reb/5ast….Marc Gasol 10pt/13reb….OJ Mayo 8pt/7reb/4ast….Mike Conley getting back to fantasy relevance with Iverson gone, 16pt/6ast on 6-13 shooting….DeMarre Carroll with 10 points in 15 minutes on 5-6 shooting.

LAC Fantasy Notes:  Rasual Butler with the start, 17pt/7reb on 6-17 shooting….Marcus Camby 6pt/4reb/5ast/3blk….Chris Kaman still looking like an allstar, 26pt/9reb/4ast….Eric Gordon 15pt/6ast/3stl….Baron Davis 15pt/5reb/5ast….Craig Smith with a nice game off the bench, 18pt in 23 minutes on 8-11 shooting.

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