Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard Questions (9/22/10)

On Monday I took a look at the most pressing questions for each one of the NBA’s starting point guards and next up is the shooting guard position.    Keep an eye on these issues as training camps get going next week.


Kobe Bryant – How is the finger this year and how is the knee healing from arthroscopic surgery in July?  Does age ever catch up with Kobe Bryant?

Dwyane Wade – Can Wade duplicate his stats from 2009 now that James and Bosh need their touches too?  What exactly is Wade’s role going to be and what kind of offense will Miami try to implement?

Joe Johnson – It’s been rumored that Larry Drew is implementing more of a ball movement offense which severly conflicts with Johnson’s strengths as an excellent isolation player.  How much is Johnson’s role going to change and how will it affect his stats?

Brandon Roy – How is the ankle and can he stay healthy?  How much help will a healthy Greg Oden be in drawing defenders away from the perimeter?

Stephen Jackson – How will he be affected by the loss of point guard Raymond Felton?

Tyreke Evans – Will he play shooting guard or point guard?  Can he repeat his awesome rookie year?  Will he take it to the basket even more this year or can defenses find a way to deny him the paint?

Monta Ellis – Can he get 41 minutes a night again?  Will he get traded?  What happens to him if Don Nelson gets fired? 

Kevin Martin – Can he stay healthy?  Can he improve his declining shooting percentages?  How many minutes will Kyle Lowery and Courtney Lee steal from him?

O. J. Mayo – Will the Grizzlies experiment with Mayo at point guard if Mike Conley falters?  Can Mayo put up a third identical line this season to match his first two years?

Jason Richardson – How many extra scoring chances will Richardson get now that Amare Stoudemire is gone?  Will defenses ignore the Suns interior players and focus their defense on the perimeter to stop Nash and Richardson?

Manu Ginobili – Can he just get more than 28 minutes a game this year and be a fantasy star?

Eric Gordon – He looked great at the world championships, bringing home the gold.  Are the Clippers ready to unleash Gordon on opposing defenses?  Did he learn any new tricks during his time with Team USA?

John Salmons – How many touches is Salmons going to lose to ball hog Corey Maggette?  Will Chris Douglas-Roberts steal any of Salmons’ minutes?

Marcus Thornton – How many minutes a night is he going to get in the starting shooting guard spot in New Orleans?  Can he keep up the excellent shooting that we saw last season?  Will Marco Belinelli steal any of Thornton’s minutes?

Vince Carter – Will he repeat last season’s career low 31 minutes a game?  Will J.J. Redick steal the starting shooting guard spot outright?  Will Carter just mail it in this season if the Magic hit a rough patch?

Ray Allen – Can he defy old age and keep shooting lights out?  How many minutes will he lose to Delonte West?  How much of an effort will Doc Rivers make to rest Allen to keep him fresh for the playoffs?

Jamal Crawford – Can he get 30+ minutes a game again as the Hawks sixth man?  How will the Teague-Bibby timeshare affect Crawford?  Will new head coach Larry Drew change Crawford’s role?

Richard Hamilton – Will he get traded?  How many minutes will he lose to Ben Gordon?

Mike Miller – Will LeBron, Wade and Bosh ever let Miller touch the basketball?  Can he continue to hit the spot up three?

Caron Butler – How long will Butler have to play the SG spot in Dallas and what is his role when Roddy Beaubois returns?

Evan Turner – Can he make the jump to the pro level and what kind of role does Doug Collins have prepared for him? 

James Harden – Will Thabo Sefolosha’s awesome defense keep Harden on the bench again this year and could Mo Peterson cut further into his minutes?

Terrence Williams/Anthony Morrow – How will these two split the shooting guard minutes in New Jersey?

J.R. Smith – Can Smith make it through the season without getting thrown in George Karl’s doghouse, or worse, the Denver Metro Slammer?

Leadro Barbosa/DeMar DeRozan – How will these two split the shooting guard minutes in Toronto?

Rudy Fernandez – Is Fernandez going to pout all season since he didn’t get the trade he requested?

Wesley Matthews – Will he ever see the court as Brandon Roy’s backup?

Kelenna Azubuike – Is he finally healthy and can he steal the starting shooting guard spot in New York?

Daniel Gibson – Is this the year he finally gets a shot or will the Cavs continue to go with Anthony Parker for his defense?

Raja Bell – How has his wrist healed from surgery and can he still hit the three ball? 

Kirk Hinrich – How many minutes will he get backing up Arenas and Wall?

Ronnie Brewer/Kyle Korver – How will these two split the shooting guard minutes in Chicago?

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