February/March Posting Schedule and Blog Status

Great National Championship game last night, Roll Tide!  Only 7 more months until we get to do it all over again!

I’m going to be turning my attention soon toward my fantasy baseball site, so the posting here on FBD will likely be targeted toward some keeper league articles, mid season rankings and some waiver wire articles every few days during February and March.  I’ll also be posting more frequently as the fantasy basketball playoffs approach in April, as well as some articles for cash games and tournaments over on FanDuel and DraftStreet (they also have baseball games at both sites).  I usually try to make the switch to baseball season preparation about this time every year.

It’s been a great season so far, but I’ve noticed over the past 5 seasons that most of the readership for the blog happens between September and January, with blog traffic really declining after New Year’s as the grind of daily fantasy sets in.  I really enjoy writing fantasy stuff for preseason draft preparation, as well as the first couple of months of the real season, but the February/March grind just really sucks for me, especially when I also enjoy writing fantasy stuff for upcoming fantasy baseball.  I just can’t do both blogs at the same time and it isn’t much fun to write when the blog traffic at FBD is low.  The draft articles and rankings are the most fun part of the sites for me, for both basketball and baseball, which is the big reason why I switch over to baseball in January.

If you guys want to follow the fantasy baseball blog, you can find it here:  Starting Pitcher Rankings.  The blog covers starting pitching for fantasy baseball and is set up much like the FBD blog.  It’s the first season on the new baseball blog, but I’m looking forward to it!

Good luck and I’ll see you guys every couple of days in February and March!

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