NBA Probable Starting Lineups for Monday, December 10

Posted 11:15 AM EST.  Check the @FantasyNBADaily Twitter Feed on the homepage for lineup updates throughout the day.


Detroit @ Philadelphia
Pistons:  B. Knight, (K. Singler/R. Stuckey), T. Prince, G. Monroe, J. Maxiell
Sixers:  J. Holiday, J. Richardson, E. Turner, T. Young, L. Allen


Golden State @ Charlotte
Warriors:  S. Curry, K. Thompson, H. Barnes, D. Lee, F. Ezeli
Bobcats:  K. Walker, J. Taylor, M. Kidd-Gilchrist, B. Mullens, B. Haywood

Keep an eye on the Bobcats’ lineup, as some changes could be coming soon.  Gerald Henderson should move back into the starting SG spot and Bismack Biyombo could get a start with Byron Mullens dealing with a sore ankle.


Atlanta @ Miami
Hawks:  J. Teague, (D. Harris/L. Williams), D. Stevenson, J. Smith, A. Horford
Heat:  M. Chalmers, D. Wade, L. James, S. Battier, C. Bosh

The Hawks lineup is one of the trickier ones to predict early in the day.  There’s a good chance they slide Josh Smith to SF, Al Horford to PF and go with Zaza Pachulia at center.

Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are both a little banged up, so definitely check it closer to gametime if you are playing Fanduel or DraftStreet and spending big salary on them.


San Antonio @ Houston
Spurs:  T. Parker, G. Neal, D. Green, T. Duncan, T. Splitter
Rockets:  J. Lin, J. Harden, C. Parsons, P. Patterson, O. Asik


Sacramento @ Dallas
Kings:  (I. Thomas/A. Brooks), F. Garcia, J. Salmons, J. Thompson, D. Cousins
Mavs:  (D. Fisher/D. Collison), OJ Mayo, J. Crowder, E. Brand, C. Kaman

The Kings could be without Tyreke Evans tonight and the PG spot is a coinflip most nights between Thomas and Brooks.

The Mavs have a timeshare going on at PG right now and either guy could start at any time.  Shawn Marion is likely out for this one and Chris Kaman could be a gametime decision.


Toronto @ Portland
Raptors:  K. Lowry, D. DeRozan, (L. Kleiza/M. Pietrus), A. Bargnani, J. Valanciunas
Blazers:  D. Lillard, W. Matthews, N. Batum, L. Aldridge, JJ Hickson

The Raptors could sit Kyle Lowry tonight with an ankle injury and give Jose Calderon a start.  The SF spot is a disaster right now with Mickael Pietrus dealing with a knee injury and Linus Kleiza just returning from an injury.

The Blazers are dealing with a few gametime decisions of their own in Wesley Matthews (thumb and ankle) and Nicolas Batum (back).  Check it closer to gametime.

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