NBA Probable Starting Lineups for Thursday, November 15

Boston @ Brooklyn
Celtics:  R. Rondo, J. Terry, P. Pierce, B. Bass, K. Garnett
Nets:  D. Williams, J. Johnson, K. Bogans, K. Humphries, B. Lopez

Rajon Rondo is questionable tonight with a sore ankle.  Check this one closer to gametime.

Gerald Wallace is doubtful for tonight.


New York @ San Antonio
Knicks:  R. Felton, J. Kidd. R. Brewer, C. Anthony, T. Chandler
Spurs:  T. Parker, D. Green, K. Leonard, T. Duncan, T. Splitter/B. Diaw

Ronnie Brewer is probable with a sore knee.


Miami @ Denver
Heat:  M. Chalmers, R. Allen, L. James, S. Battier, C. Bosh
Nuggets:  T. Lawson, A. Iguodala, D. Gallinari, K. Faried, K. Koufos

Dwyane Wade is questionable with a left foot injury.

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