NBA Probable Starting Lineups for Tuesday, November 13

There are 6 games on the NBA Schedule tonight.  Don’t forget to check the @FantasyNBADaily Twitter Feed for last minute lineup changes.  Here are tonight’s probable starting lineups:


Washington @ Charlotte
Wizards:  AJ Price, B. Beal, T. Ariza, T. Booker, E. Okafor
Bobcats:  K. Walker, R. Sessions, M. Kidd-Gilchrist, B. Mullens, B. Haywood

Jeffery Taylor has picked up a few starts at shooting guard and may get a start here, but Ramon Sessions is the guy you want to focus on and get into your roster.  Ben Gordon is also a possibility for big minutes at the SG spot.  I’ll update this one closer to tipoff.


New York @ Orlando
Knicks:  R. Felton, J. Kidd, R. Brewer, C. Anthony, T. Chandler
Magic:  E. Moore, A. Afflalo, JJ Redick, G. Davis, N. Vucevic

Jameer Nelson has missed several games and is probably out tonight as well, but check it closer to tipoff just to make sure.


Toronto @ Indiana
Raptors:  J. Calderon, D. DeRozan, D. McGuire, A. Bargnani, J. Valanciunas
Pacers:  G. Hill, P. George, G. Green, D. West, R. Hibbert

The Raptors played a triple overtime game last night and now travel to Indiana, so be aware that there could be plentiful substitutions and maybe a lineup change in this one.


Cleveland @ Brooklyn
Cavaliers:  K. Irving, D. Waiters, A. Gee, T. Thompson, A. Varejao
Nets:  D. Williams, J. Johnson, K. Bogans, K. Humphries, B. Lopez

Gerald Wallace should be getting close to returning, so check his status closer to gametime.


Portland @ Sacramento
Blazers:  D. Lillard, W. Matthews, N. Batum, L. Aldridge, JJ Hickson
Kings:  I. Thomas, T. Evans, J. Johnson, J. Thompson, T. Robinson

Demarcus Cousins could miss this one as he serves the second game of his suspension, although he has filed a protest to that suspension.  I doubt a review comes quick enough to get him back in action tonight.

Travis Outlaw got a start at small forward in the last game with James Johnson sliding to power forward, so check to see if the Kings go with that setup again.  Thomas Robinson has finished his suspension, so the Kings could choose to start Robinson and Thompson together instead.


San Antonio @ LA Lakers
Spurs:  T. Parker, D. Green, K. Leonard, T. Duncan, B. Diaw
Lakers:  D. Morris, K. Bryant, M. Peace, P. Gasol, D. Howard

Steve Blake is hurting and could miss this one.

Manu Ginobili and Danny Green have been in a timeshare and should get equal minutes.

The Spurs could choose to go with Tiago Splitter at center tonight to counter Dwight Howard, so check that closer to tipoff.

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