NBA Probable Starting Lineups for Wednesday, December 12

Posted 9:30 AM EST.  Check the @FantasyNBADaily Twitter Feed on the homepage for lineup updates.

Brooklyn @ Toronto
Nets:  D. Williams, J. Johnson, G. Wallace, R. Evans, A. Blatche
Raptors:  (K. Lowry/J. Calderon), D. DeRozan, M. Pietrus, A. Bargnani, J. Valanciunas


Atlanta @ Orlando
Hawks:  J. Teague, D. Harris, J. Smith, A. Horford, Z. Pachulia
Magic:  J. Nelson, A. Afflalo, M. Harkless, G. Davis, N. Vucevic

Kyle Korver could be back tonight and could likely start, which would move Josh Smith to PF, Al Horford to C and Zaza Pachulia back to the bench.


Cleveland @ Indiana
Cavs:  K. Irving, C.J. Miles, A. Gee. T. Thompson, A. Varejao
Pacers:  G. Hill, P. George, L. Stephenson, D. West, R. Hibbert


Chicago @ Philadelphia
Bulls:  K. Hinrich, M. Belinelli, L. Deng, C. Boozer, J. Noah
Sixers:  J. Holiday, J. Richardson, E. Turner, T. Young, L. Allen


LA Clippers @ Charlotte
Clippers:  C. Paul, (W. Green/J. Crawford), C. Butler, B. Griffin, D. Jordan
Bobcats:  K. Walker, J. Taylor, M. Kidd-Gilchrist, B. Mullens, B. Biyombo


Golden State @ Miami
Warriors:  S. Curry, K. Thompson, H. Barnes, D. Lee, F. Ezeli
Heat:  M. Chalmers, D. Wade, L. James, S. Battier, C. Bosh


Dallas @ Boston
Mavs:  (D. Fisher/D. Collison), OJ Mayo, D. Jones, E. Brand, C. Kaman
Celtics:  R. Rondo, J. Terry, P. Pierce, B. Bass, K. Garnett

Shawn Marion is a gametime decision.  Dahntay Jones got the previous start when Marion was out.


Sacramento @ Milwuakee
Kings:  (I. Thomas/A.Brooks), F. Garcia, J. Salmons, J. Thompson, D. Cousins
Bucks:  B. Jennings, M. Ellis, M. Daniels, LRM a Moute, L. Sanders


Washington @ Houston
Wizards:  (S. Livingston/J. Crawford), B. Beal, M. Webster, K. Seraphin, E. Okafor
Rockets:  J. Lin, J. Harden, C. Parsons, P. Patterson, O. Asik

Harden and Lin are both gametime decisions.


New Orleans @ Oklahoma City
Hornets:  G. Vasquez, (A. Rivers/R. Mason), A. Aminu, (R. Anderson/A. Davis), R. Lopez
Thunder:  R. Westbrook, (T. Sefolosha/K. Martin), K. Durant, S. Ibaka, K. Perkins

There’s a good chance the Hornets could start Ryan Anderson at SF and Anthony Davis at PF.


Denver @ Minnesota
Nuggets:  T. Lawson, A. Iguodala, D. Gallinari, K. Faried, (K. Koufos/J. McGee)
Wolves:  L. Ridnour, (A. Shved/JJ Barea), A. Kirilenko, K. Love, N. Pekovic


Memphis @ Phoenix
Grizzlies:  M. Conley, T. Allen, R. Gay, Z. Randolph, M. Gasol
Suns:  G. Dragic, S. Brown, J. Dudley, (L. Scola/M. Morris), M. Gortat


San Antonio @ Utah
Spurs:  T. Parker, G. Neal, D. Green, T. Duncan, T. Splitter
Jazz:  Mo Williams, R. Foye, Ma. Williams, P. Millsap, A. Jefferson

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