Point Guard Rankings and Analysis

The Point Guard Rankings and Analysis Page contains complete rankings for the point guard position.  They are short term rankings based on recent form and trends, game matchups, suspensions, injuries, statistics and playing time distribution.  Rankings are updated frequently.   Click the link to proceed to the Rankings and Analysis Page.

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Rankings Updated November 5, 2009.

Chris Paul – New Orleans isn’t looking too good, but maybe Paul can put them on his back and carrry them until things gel.

Deron Williams – Just gets it done every night and with Utah’s poor defense they have to keep scoring and playing most games all the way to the end with Williams on the floor.

Gilbert Arenas – Arenas looks completely healthy and has been carrying the Wizards. 

Chauncey Billups – JR Smith has been out and Billups has been picking up the scoring slack.  Maybe a dip when Smith finishes his suspension.

Rajon Rondo – Rondo got his extension and is a happy camper.  His scoring has been light, but improving.

Devin Harris – Injured, likely out until mid-November.

Tony Parker – Still scoring and playing good minutes.

Steve Nash – Phoenix has decided to just outscore everyone and forget about defense, both good things for Nash.

Monta Ellis – Is playing well with Stephen Curry and the GSW fast pace definitely helps his fantasy numbers.

Derrick Rose – Rose has been slow to get going after an injury cost him most of preseason.  He will get better.

Baron Davis – Is very erratic and hard to play in daily leagues, but at least he seems to care so far this season which is more than we got from him last year.

Jason Kidd -  Age is starting to show.  He has a good game every now and then but can disappear at any time.

Russell Westbrook – OKC is pretty good this year and Westbrook has matured.  He has come close to a triple double a couple of times so far this year.

Aaron Brooks – Brooks has been a surprise this season.  The Rockets seem to want to run and Brooks is leading the way.

Jameer Nelson – Looks recovered and should get stronger as the season progresses.

Rodney Stuckey – Puts in solid minutes and looks able to lead the team.

Lou Williams – Another surprise player who is getting his shot now that Andre Miller is gone.  Doing well, let’s see if he can keep it up.

Jose Calderon – Calderon is sliding down the list.  He looks bad this year and Turkoglu seems to be taking the ball out of his hands.  He has already missed more FT than he missed all of last season.

Mo Williams -  Mo can score, but that’s about it.  Assist numbers are way down.

Brandon Jennings – The kid can score and he has the starting PG spot.

Chris Duhon – Keeps chugging along in a fast paced Knicks attack.  He will get his assists and threes.

Andre Miller – In a timeshare with Steve  Blake.

Mike Bibby - Will start losing minutes to Jamal Crawford.

T.J. Ford – Has been benched a few times so far this season.

Raymond Felton - DJ Augustin is just waiting to take his job.

Mario Chalmers – Not producing anything more than steals and a few assists.

Ramon Sessions - Looks like he has lost the starting spot to Jonny Flynn.

Jonny Flynn – Has the starting spot, but hasn’t done much with it.

Mike Conley -  May start losing minutes to Allen Iverson.

Beno Udrih – Tyreke Evans has the starting job, but Udrih might get another shot if Evans falters.

Derek Fisher – Saw Fisher play 34 minutes and get 0 points, 0 assists and 0 rebounds in a game.   Enough said.

Luke Ridnour, JJ Barea, Ty Lawson, Kyle Lowery, Steve Blake, DJ Augustin, Rafer Alson, Will Bynum, Carlos Arroyo, Nate Robinson (injured), Earl Watson, Jason Williams, Jarrett Jack, Randy Foye.

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