SiriusXM Dynasty League Draft and Some Rookie Fantasy Notes

Fantasy drafts are cranking up and I just got started with my first one yesterday.  It’s the SiriusXM Dynasty League with 16 experts from around the fantasy industry.  The SiriusXM Dynasty League team is listed under ‘Allen Tippy – Fantasy Basketball’.  It’s been awhile since I’ve done a dynasty draft in any sport and these things tend to go a little differently than normal keeper leagues and they really require a lot more planning ahead for draft strategy.  I have the 15th draft spot in a no time limit snake draft.  Rosters are 2G, 2F, 2C, 1 G/F, 1 F/C, 2 G/F/C.   9 category Roto.  I’ll try to review this league draft in detail once we are done.

My first round pick was Marc Gasol.  Not a normal first round pick, but then again dynasty leagues are a bit different.  In a 16 team two center league you just can’t afford to be short at center, especially in a dynasty league where there are so few quality centers that come up through the NBA Draft.  There are way more guards that come into the league, so I’d rather be thin at guard than at center.  I had Al Jefferson ready to go, but he went with pick 14.  Bynum, Love, Aldridge and Cousins were also off the board, which left the decision to Greg Monroe, Dwight Howard or Gasol.  No way was I going with an injured Howard in a 9 category roto league and Monroe just doesn’t get the blocks I need from the center spot.  Also, with Monroe I’m concerned that he could lose his center eligibility in 2013-2014.  So Gasol it was.  After taking a look at Gasol, he was the complete All-Star package last season with 3.1 assists, 1.0 steal and 1.9 blocks and great percentages.  His numbers could drop a little with a healthy Zach Randolph around, but probably not too much.  One of my center spots is now covered for the next 3-5 years.

The owner behind me, which was the turn, picked up Rajon Rondo and Dwight Howard.  If you are going to punt FT%, that’s two great picks.  So it’s back to me and Kobe and Dwyane Wade are still out there.  Now here’s where dynasty leagues really alter your strategy.  In a one year league, or even a keeper league, I’d have been all over Kobe (of course so would everyone else and he wouldn’t have still been on the board), but the thought of Kobe only playing two years just turned me off, so I went with Dwyane Wade.  I also gave Brandon Jennings and Ty Lawson a look here.  With Gasol covering the ‘big’ stats, I needed to cover the ‘small stats’ of assists, points, threes, steals and percentages.  I did pretty well in all but threes, but what I gave up in threes I think I gained in more blocks, so maybe now I can ease up on the need to draft a second big man strictly based on blocks.  I think Wade still has 3-4 solid years left.

Player     Pts   Reb   Ast   Stl   Blk   TO   FGA   FG%   FTA   FT%   3PA
Wade     22.1   4.8   4.6   1.7   1.3    2.6    17.1    49.7    6.1     79.1    1.1
Gasol     14.6   8.9   3.1   1.0   1.9    1.9    11.4    48.2    4.9     74.8    0.0

Wade and Gasol fit together pretty well, so with my first two picks I’m solid in FG%, FT%, Rebounds, Assists, Steals and Blocks.  I haven’t really hurt myself anywhere, but I’m probably a little light in points and threes, so I’ll be looking to address that in Rounds 3 and 4.  With Gasol and Wade both shooting about 50% from the field, I can absorb drafting a three point shooter with a subpar FG%.  I’ll update when the draft swings back around to me.  First two rounds:

Round 1
Corey ParsonDurant, Kevin SF OKC
Kyle McKeown -RotowireJames, LeBron SF
Tony Cincotta-SiriusXMLove, Kevin PF
Andrew Feingold -RotoExperts.comWestbrook, Russell PG OKC
Tom Lorenzo-Damn Lies & StatisticsPaul, Chris PG LAC
Matt Deutsch SiriusXM Fantasy Sports RadioWilliams, Deron PG BKN
Dustin Swedleson- College Sports NationCousins, DeMarcus C SAC
Adam Ronis -Rotoexperts.comSmith, Josh PF ATL
Rich Wilson- Prospect361.comAldridge, LaMarcus PF POR
Jeff Andriese Damn Lies & StatisticsIrving, Kyrie PG CLE
Justin Fensterman- SiriusXM Fantasy Sports RadioGriffin, Blake PF LAC
Charlie ZegersAnthony, Carmelo SF NY
Nick Raducanu-FantasyTrade411Bynum, Andrew C PHI
Drew Dinkmeyer- Fantistics.comJefferson, Al C UTA
Allen Tippy – FantasyBasketballDaily.comGasol, Marc C MEM
Ethan Haskell- RotogrindersRondo, Rajon PG BOS

Round 2
Ethan Haskell- RotogrindersHoward, Dwight C LAL
Allen Tippy – FantasyBasketballDaily.comWade, Dwyane SG MIA
Drew Dinkmeyer- Fantistics.comLawson, Ty PG DEN
Nick Raducanu-FantasyTrade411Bryant, Kobe SG LAL
Charlie ZegersMonroe, Greg C DET
Justin Fensterman- SiriusXM Fantasy Sports RadioNash, Steve PG LAL
Jeff Andriese Damn Lies & StatisticsDavis, Anthony C NO
Rich Wilson- Prospect361.comJennings, Brandon PG MIL
Adam Ronis -Rotoexperts.comHarden, James SG OKC
Dustin Swedleson- College Sports NationLee, David PF GS

News and Notes on the Fantasy Rookies

Jonas Valenciunas (TOR) – I recently posted on Valenciunas here and last night he showed why I’m concerned about drafting him.  He played 14 minutes and had ZERO rebounds.  The guy is just too thin right now and he’s going to get pushed around.

Anthony Davis (NOR) – 22 points, 9 rebounds and a block in his opener.  He’s seeing his minutes at PF with Robin Lopez at center.  Hopefully, he gets enought starts at center to keep his eligibility for 2013-2014.

Austin Rivers (NOR) – Eric Gordon is having some serious problems with his knee, which could open the door to significant minutes for Rivers at SG.  If you own Gordon, make sure Rivers is on your bench.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist (CHA) – I’m starting to like MKG more and more after seeing what he can do.  He’s got a great all around game and showed it with 12 points, 6 rebounds and 3 steals in his opener.  He’s still working on his shot, but that should evolve steadily this season.

Dion Waiters (CLE) – Waiters seems to be losing the starting SG spot to C.J. Miles.  He got benched after screwing up a called play and didn’t get back on the court.  Miles, on the other hand, looked good going for 18 points.  I think Waiters eventually starts, but it could be later in the season.

Harrison Barnes (GSW) – Barnes is making surprising progress in the SF battle in Golden State.  He’s getting the start tonight, so keep an eye on how he does and possibly start moving him up the draft board.

Damian Lillard (POR) – Lillard went for 14 points, 7 assists against the Lakers.  Don’t sleep on the rookie.

Jared Sullinger (BOS) – Doc Rivers is tinkering with his starting lineup and it could include Sullinger with Brandon Bass coming off the bench.  It would be a huge boost for Sullinger’s fantasy value, but I’m not convinced that it’s going to happen.  Either way, at least Sullinger is getting a good look and should be in position for good minutes.

Andre Drummond (DET) – Drummond had a nice game going for 12 points and 7 rebounds, but keep in mind that it was against the Raptors, who aren’t known for their interior strength.

Festus Ezeli (GSW) – Andrew Bogut is not progressing very well from his injuries and Ezeli could be in line to get some significant minutes.  I think the Warriors have given up on Andris Biedrins and the starting nod could go to the rookie.

Meyers Leonard (POR) – Leonard has lost the starting Center job to J. J. Hickson.  If Hickson plays well, it’s doubtful that the rookie will get another shot.

Thomas Robinson (SAC) – It looks like Jason Thompson is going to keep the starting PF spot for the Kings, but don’t be surprised if Robinson works his way into 25 minutes a night and maybe even takes the starting job after Christmas.

Kendall Marshall (PHO) – Seems to be struggling with getting up to speed in the NBA.  It woudn’t be surprising to see him buried on the depth chart this season.

Terrence Jones (HOU) – Jones is the guy without the anxiety disorder.  He had a great game last night going for 20 points and 6 rebounds.  With a young Rockets team, there’s opportunity everywhere.

Jeremy Lin (HOU) – Lin is still having problems with his knee.  I’m not a Lin fan and this is just more reason to leave the gamble to someone else.

Terrence Ross - DeRozan and Terrence Ross are supposedly battling it out for the SG spot, but I don’t think there is much of a contest here, DeRozan should easily get the spot and the bulk of the minutes.  DeRozan got off to a good start last night going for 17pts/2reb/2stl/1blk.

Kobe Bryant (LAL) – Missed last night’s game with a shoulder problem.  He’s going to have these things all year.  Ironically enough, I had a heating pad on my shoulder last night from too much swimming.  I must be an athlete just like Kobe.  Not.




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