Website Review: Fantasy Sports Live (9/6/09)

Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to review each of the daily fantasy sports cash game sites that I play on.  I’m going to try and keep it focused on basketball games at each of the sites.  The main things that will be reviewed are fees/costs, website software, ease of  site use, number of players on the site, customer support, account funding and types of games.

I figured I might as well start at the top with the best site out there right now:  I have played on the site for over a year and have had a great experience with them.  I play under the name ‘Tippy’ and you can find me at #21 on the all time leaderboard.  I will probably play a majority of my daily basketball cash games at FSL this season.

The best thing about Fantasy Sports Live (FSL) are the payouts.  They pay out somewhere around 92% on all their contests.  If you are going to play daily fantasy games for money, you have to keep an eye on the juice.   There are only a few sites that have as small a fee as FSL.   Betting a real game in Vegas requires laying out $11 to win $10.  On FSL you are laying out $11 to win $9.  Yes, the odds still suck overall, but FSL is the lowest you will find anywhere on the web.  As a comparison, makes you lay $10 to win $6, which requires you to have greater than 60% winners to break even.  I have no idea why anyone would choose to play at, since 60% winners isn’t realistically possible for 99% of the players out there.   Players only need around 55% winners  to break even at  FSL.  In Vegas it takes 52.4% to break even sportsbetting.   This may not seem like a big difference, but over the long run it is huge. 

The software platform at FSL is it’s second best feature.  All the games are salary cap and the setup is self explanatory.   Navigating to the draft room, account, game results, leaderboard, etc. is very clear and simple.  Selecting players for each of your games is straightforward and quick.  You can probably sign up and draft your team in less than 3 minutes.  Sometimes the server will slow on the site just before game time, so make sure you always get your rosters set at least 10 minutes before start.

Game selection is pretty good on FSL.  They offer games for pretty much any size from $1 to $500.  I have seen traffic over the past year really grow and there are always games with players waiting to play.  All the games are salary cap type games, but they offer different types of salary cap games and different salary cap amounts.   FSL covers Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey.  They have discontinued their NASCAR games. 

Customer support is excellent on the site.  I have never had an issue that they weren’t able to quickly fix.  They also have the Fantasy Sports Live Blog where they provide information on site updates, strategy and special game offers.

Funding for accounts can be done quickly and easily through Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Paypal.  Paypal is the only cashout option I have used on the site and FSL quickly processes those transactions.

If you guys have any specific questions, or just want to talk some smack if you play me on FSL, you can email me through the ‘email envelope’ icon on the top of the FBD Homepage.

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