Atlanta Hawks 2009-2010 Fantasy Preview and Resources (9/1/09)

Atlanta was a nice source of fantasy stats last year with Joe Johnson being one of my daily fantasy game regulars and Marvin Williams being useful as a cheap Small Forward fill in.  Josh Smith was useful on some days, but the risk of him just not showing up for a game mentally kept me using other Power Forwards on most nights.  Horford was steady, but not spectacular, and was usually fairly priced in the salary cap games.  Bibby was usually not worth playing in daily games, but whoever he was guarding usually was.

This season’s starting lineup should be PG Mike Bibby, SG Joe Johnson, F Marvin Williams, F Josh Smith and C Al Horford.  Jamal Crawford will be one of the league’s best Sixth Men and can spell Bibby and Johnson.  The best Atlanta fantasy player in salary cap daily games is Joe Johnson and he will again be one of my daily regulars.  I have a feeling Crawford is going to eat into Bibby’s minutes making both terrible daily plays.  Williams needs to improve, Smith needs to get his head together and Horford will just keep giving you 10 and 10 for a fair salary cap price.  Joe Smith might get a little play, but his minutes will be so random that it will make him unplayable in daily fantasy games.

Some early season previews for the Hawks (I’ll try to update this post as I find more reviews as the season approaches):

Atlanta Hawks Preview 2009-2010 from Roto Evil.

Atlanta Hawks 2009-10 Preview from

If you are looking for news on the Atlanta Hawks check out these sites for quality information:

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