Tuesday Night Playoff Schedule and DFS Picks

Three games on the schedule for Tuesday night:

Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Atlanta at Indiana, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Brooklyn at Toronto, 8 p.m., NBA TV
Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Washington at Chicago, 9:30 p.m., TNT

DFS Tournament and 50/50 Picks

My Monday-Tuesday games are not looking too good with Klay Thompson posting a real dud Monday night.  Zach Randolph was solid, but I’m not sure if I can overcome the poor game from Klay.  Since there are three games on the schedule tonight, FanDuel has games that cover tonight only.   I’m still kicking around some ideas, but my roster is below.   I’d really like to go Joe Jonson instead of Kyle Korver, but the salary cap just isn’t very flexible with only three NBA games.  Here’s what I got so far for the FanDuel $15,000 NBA Shot Tournament:

PG   Deron Williams   $6700
PG   John Wall   $7800
SG   Kyle Korver   $4500
SG   Jimmy Butler   $6300
SF   Paul George   $9000
SF   Paul Pierce   $6000
PF   Nene Hilario  $6500
PF   David West   $6500
C     Jonas Valanciunas   $6600

Salary Cap is $60,000,  Salary Cap Used is $59,900.

I’ve also got a second team in the tournament with the same roster but switching out Joe Johnson for Korver, Roy Hibbert for Valanciunas and DeRozan for Butler.  I don’t like the team much because of Hibbert, but for $2 I figured I’d give it a gamble.

Good luck tonight guys!

Monday Night NBA Schedule and DFS Picks

How great was this weekend for basketball fans?  NBA on TV from noon until midnight on Saturday and Sunday.  This should be standard EVERY weekend.  Only two games tonight, but FanDuel is still running real money games by combining Monday and Tuesday’s schedule.  Here’s the TNT doubleheader on tap for tonight:

Game 2 - Mon. April 21, Memphis at Oklahoma City, 8 p.m., TNT
Game 2 - Mon. April 21, Golden State at L.A. Clippers, 10:30 p.m., TNT

DFS Fantasy Tournament Picks

My team put up 287.2 points Sunday, which was good enough to cash in a majority of my 50/50 games, but still no luck in the $18,000 NBA Shot.   Things were actually looking pretty good going into the last game of the night, but The Houston-Portland game produced some big fantasy lines and anyone with LaMarcus Aldridge passed me pretty quickly.  But the great thing with DFS is today is a brand new draft, so here’s what I’m going with tonight in the $2 entry $5000 FanDuel NBA Shot:

PG   Deron Williams   $6700
PG   Jeff Teague   $6800
SG   Joe Johnson   $5900
SG   Klay Thompson   $6200
SF   Paul George   $8700
SF   Paul Pierce   $5400
PF   Zach Randolph   $7600
PF   Nene Hilario   $6200
C    Jonas Valanciunas  $6400

Salary cap is $60,000, Salary used $59,900

I’m playing small with these two-day schedules because once tonight’s game tips off, the lineups are locked.  If injury news comes out tomorrow on someone playing Tuesday,  it can really hurt,  so be careful and manage your bankroll properly.

Sunday NBA Playoff Schedule and DFS Tournament Picks

Today’s NBA Schedule

Another full day of basketball on tap for Sunday with games starting at 1:00 pm EST.  Here is today’s schedule with TV listings:

Game 1 - Sun. April 20, Dallas at San Antonio, 1 p.m., TNT
Game 1 - 
Sun. April 20, Charlotte at Miami, 3:30 p.m., ABC/R
Game 1 - Sun. April 20, Washington at Chicago, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 1 - Sun. April 20, Portland at Houston, 9:30 p.m., TNT

Daily Fantasy Tournament Picks

Yesterday’s tournament picks put up a score of 274.8 which was good enough to cash in all of my 50/50 games, but was just outside of cashing in the tournament.  West and DeRozan had poor games and Roy Hibbert only put up 13.6 FDP, which was still poor value even with the $4100 salary.

Here’s what I’m rolling with today for all my FanDuel 50/50 and Tournament Games:

PG   Tony Parker   $5700
PG   Damian Lillard   $7200
SG   Dwyane Wade   $6900
SG   Jimmy Butler   $6200
SF   Nicolas Batum   $$7400
SF   Shawn Marion   $4900
PF   Tim Duncan   $7300
PF   Dirk Nowitzki   $8400
C    Chris Bosh  $5800

Salary cap is $60,000,  Salary cap used is $59,800.

I’d love to squeeze LeBron on the roster today, but with only a four game schedule and LeBron’s salary at $10,400, there just wasn’t enough cheap value to be found at the other positions to compensate.  Today’s team is probably a better 50/50 team than it is GPP tournament team.

Rosters lock at 1:00 pm EST, so make sure you have your FanDuel Games set by then.   Also, the $18,000 NBA Shot with a $2 entry fee is filling quickly this morning so get in early.

Saturday NBA Playoff Schedule and DFS Tournament Picks

Here’s the schedule for Saturday’s 2014 NBA Playoff Games:

Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Brooklyn at Toronto, 12:30 p.m., ESPN
Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Golden State at L.A. Clippers, 3:30 p.m., ABC/R
Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Atlanta at Indiana, 7 p.m., ESPN
Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Memphis at Oklahoma City, 9:30 p.m., ESPN

Here’s my FanDuel $15,000 NBA Shot Tournament selections for Saturday:

PG   Jeff Teague   $6800
PG   Deron Williams   $6700
SG   Klay Thompson   $6200
SG   DeMar DeRozan   $7600
SF   Paul Pierce   $5400
SF   Paul George   $8700
PF   Zach Randolph   $7600
PF   David West   $6700
C     Roy Hibbert   $4100

Salary Cap $60,000,  Salary Cap Used $59,800

FanDuel currently has their real money games posted for Saturday, so start building your team!

2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Point Guard (PG) Draft Rankings

PG Rankings, Updated October 3, 2013

Chris Paul (LAC) – The top of the PG board really depends on how you are building your team and your particular needs.  Paul ranks at the top of my board because most guys are playing a point guard for assists.  If that’s the category you are after, then Paul is the pick.  His scoring is a little light, but he makes up for it in steals and threes.

Kyrie Irving (CLE) - I think Kyrie Irving is going to have a big year.  He’s probably the most balanced PG play on the board.  He’s a better scorer than Paul, but is lacking a bit in assists.  There’s some real upside in Irving’s game, which is why I ranked him ahead of Stephen Curry, who had a career type year in 2012.

Stephen Curry (GSW) – Curry will definitely appeal more to the group of owners who like to build around the three point category.  Last season Curry was lights out from three attempting 7.7 per game and hitting them at a 45.3% clip.  The Warriors have a lot of weapons and there is always the possibility that the Warriors ask Curry to do less this season.  And then there’s always those ankles.

Russell Westbrook (OKC) – I think you have to bump Westbrook down a few notches with his knee injury and the current 4-6 week timetable for his return.  Will he be as explosive when he returns?  How long will it take him to shake the rust off after missing all of training camp?

Derek Rose (CHI) – I’m not sure what to expect from Rose this season, but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt and rank him in the top 5.  He’s definitely had plenty of time to get things healed up and training camp should show right where he’s at physically.

John Wall (WAS) – Wall should finally be 100% healthy this season and easily be able to improve on his 18.5 points and 7.6 assists.   Those two categories were his best yet as a pro when you look at his per/36 numbers.  He’s also sneaky good in the blocks category posting .7 per game over his career.  The 44.1 FG% was also the best of his career and if he gets that over 45%, then look out.

Deron Williams (BRK) – The next couple of guys in the rankings are very similar, but I’m giving the edge to Williams based on his surrounding cast.  Pierce, Garnett and Lopez should make for a ton of assists for Williams and that’s just what you want from your top PG.

Tony Parker (SAS) – Parker is probably one of the most underrated fantasy PG’s every season.  He’s a top scorer and assist man, with a top notch career FG% of close to 50%.  He might slow down eventually, but I don’t think it will be this season.

Jrue Holiday (NOR) – The Sixers shipped Holiday to New Orleans where he’ll slide right into the starting PG spot.  He has no competition for minutes so he should be able to put up a MPG number similar to last season.  The only worry for Holiday is that there’s a lack of chemistry that may be evident.  I’m just not sure how well Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans will mesh, and there isn’t really any good scoring option at SF.  Training camp will be important to guage Holiday’s fantasy value.

Brandon Jennings (DET) – I’ve always been a big Jennings fan and I think the move to Detroit will do him good.  The knock on him in Milwaukee was that he just didn’t pass and rack up the assists, but for the last couple of seasons exactly who was he supposed to pass to on that team?  His offensive game is more perimeter oriented and with Josh Smith, Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond drawing defenses in, Jennings should be able to open up his offensive game.  He’s also got the opportunity to find each of those three anywhere inside 15 feet and should have a career assist total this season.

Mike Conley (MEM) – Conley is probably just as underrated as Parker, even more so in fantasy circles.  After Rudy Gay left last season, Conley really picked up his game in the scoring column and should continue that this season.   The 2.2 steals per game were huge too.  I guess you could call Conley a poor man’s Chris Paul, as their fantasy games are kind of similar.

Damian Lillard (POR) – Lillard had an incredible rookie season and definitely rewarded fantasy owners who took a chance on him.  I like Lillard, but my concern with him is the fact that he played way too many minutes last season simply because the Blazers just didn’t have anyone else to play the point.  Mo Williams is now in Portland and wasn’t brought in to sit the bench.  I can see Lillard’s MPG dropping to around 33-34 this year, which really knocks down his fantasy value, especially if you take a look at his per/36 numbers.

Ty Lawson (DEN) – I’ve had Lawson on a few fantasy teams over the last couple of years and he just hasn’t reached the potential of his abilities.  I’m hoping that this is the year that he puts it all together.  I’ll probably end up moving him up the rankings as camp progresses depending on how many minutes he’s getting and how the new offense looks in Denver.

Kemba Walker (CHA) – Charlotte actually improved their roster this season and that should benefit Walker’s assist numbers and possibly his scoring.  He should big improvement last season raising his FG% from 36.6 in 2011 to 42.3 last season.  If that continues, he’ll definitely move up the rankings.  The 2.0 steals per game were also solid.

Rajon Rondo (BOS) – A lot of negatives this season on Rondo and he’s one of those guys who will be drafted by the gambler in your fantasy league.  The Celtics are going to be horrible this season and I doubt the rush Rondo back from his injury.  He could be out until after Christmas, which is just killer for rotisserie league owners.  He’s probably a little better pick for head to head league owners.  Even when he does come back, who is he going to dish those normal 11 assists per game to?

Goran Dragic (PHO) – The Suns are going to be pretty bad this season, but that might actually be a good thing for Dragic.  He can score and he’s got a pretty good running mate in the backcourt in Eric Bledsoe.  The concern here, or maybe it’s a positive, is that he’s a prime trade target if the Suns want to move Bledsoe to PG full time.

Jeff Teague (ATL) – This could be Teague’s year to break out.  The Hawks traded away a good portion of their team and the only real scoring options at this point are Teague and Horford.  Teague should still get good assists feeding a very accurate Kyle Korver and a very talented offensive Al Horford.  If Teague can pick up his scoring, he could move up the rankings.

Ricky Rubio (MIN) – I love Rubio’s game, but he’s just not a big enough scorer to move any higher in fantasy rankings.  If he could pick up his offensive game, I’d definitely consider moving him up.

Kyle Lowry (TOR) – Lowry has to be one of the most aggravating fantasy players.  He showed flashes of brilliance in Houston, but has yet to duplicate that in Toronto.  I’m not sure why he hasn’t been able to get his game back, but he could be a good risk/reward type of pick this season.

Jeremy Lin (HOU) – Having James Harden and Dwight Howard to feed has to increase the assist totals, right?  It’s a shame Lin started off his career in such a red hot manner because it raised expectation too far.  He’s not that kind of star, but he’s also not as bad as he’s looked the last year and a half.  Maybe now that the pressure is off he can just play ball and put up a solid season line.

Jose Calderon (DAL) – Calderon should be a good source of assists this season and his shooting percentages are always a fantasy help.  There’s also a good chance he’ll be asked to pick up the scoring on a Mavericks team that is just old and slow.  He’s a good risk/reward pick later in the draft.

George Hill (IND) – Unfortunately, Hill is surrounded by a team full of guys who just don’t need to be assisted.  He’s probably still going to put up 5 assists a game, but with Roy Hibbert, Paul George and a likely healthy Danny Granger, he’ll be the fourth offensive option.

Raymond Felton (NYK) – The assist numbers just aren’t big enough to rank Felton any higher.  The 13.9 points was solid last season, but the 41.4% shooting and the lack of steals doesn’t help.

Jameer Nelson (ORL) – Nelson has a pretty good game and really helped fantasy owners last season, but the Magic are definitely in a rebuilding mode and I see Nelson being traded to a contender and becoming a solid second team insurance backup at some point this season.  This definitely decreases his H2H league value.

Brandon Knight (MIL) – Maybe a change of scenery will help him, but Knight had the lowest per game assist number of any starting PG last season and I don’t think a trade to the Bucks is going to help that number.

Steve Nash (LAL) – No Kobe for awhile, no Dwight Howard and an aging Pau Gasol.  I’m a huge Steve Nash fan, but sometimes you just have to acknowledge the fact that at some point father time catches up with you and you might be better served hanging up the sneakers.

Greivis Vasquez/Isaiah Thomas (SAC) – One of these guys is going to win the starting PG spot for the Kings and move way up in the rankings.

Trey Burke (UTA) – I honestly have to say that I just don’t know that much about Burke’s game, but he’s definitely got an opportunity to nab a starting spot on a weak Jazz team.  He’s one of those guys that I’m going to have to re-rank in a couple weeks.

Michael Carter-Williams/Tony Wroten (PHI) – One of these guys is going to win the starting PG spot in Philly.  The fact that it’s Tony Wroten versus anyone pretty much says all you need to know about drafting a Philly PG.