DFS Fantasy Basketball Picks For Monday-Tuesday Combination Tournaments

The playoffs are rolling along and the number of games per night is getting smaller, which makes it difficult to have single day tournaments.  So we’ve got two games tonight and two tomorrow.  These are always difficult tournaments because of the risk of injury or illness news coming out tomorrow after your games are locked.  But if you love basketball like I do, the risk is worth it!  Here’s what I’ve got going for my Monday-Tuesday $5,000 FanDuel NBA Shot Tournament picks:

PG   Deron Williams   $6700
PG   Tony Parker   $6200
SG   Joe Johnson   $6200
SG   Dwyane Wade   $6700
SF   Trevor Ariza   $6100
SF   Nicolas Batum   $7600
PF   Nene Hilario   $6600
PF   Tim Duncan   $7900
C     Chris Bosh   $6000

I’ll probably put this team in a bunch of FanDuel 50/50 cash games also.   50/50 games are games in which the top 50% of the field gets paid.  If you can beat half the people out there, you double your entry fee.   Good luck tonight!

Daily Fantasy Basketball DFS Tournament Picks and Schedule

Games on tap for Friday night:

Toronto @ Brooklyn, 7:00 pm EST
San Antonio @ Dallas , 8:00 pm EST
Houston @ Portland, 10:30 pm EST

DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks

Here’s tonight’s FanDuel $18,000 NBA Shot Tournament picks:

PG   Deron Williams $6500
PG   Tony Parker   $6100
SG   DeMar DeRozan $7500
SG   Joe Johnson   $6000
SF   Nicolas Batum $7800
SF   Shawn Marion $4900
PF   Amir Johnson $4600
PF   Tim Duncan $7800
C     Dwight Howard $8700

DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks and Playoff Schedule for Wednesday, April 30

Three games on the NBA Playoff Schedule for Wednesday and we have games at FanDuel!  We’ve still got nightly games, but as these series wrap up there won’t be enough games to play FanDuel every night, so definitely try these daily games out now before the season ends.  Also, FanDuel has daily fantasy baseball games if that is your sport.

Game 5 – Dallas @ San Antonio, 7:00 pm
Game 5 – Brooklyn @ Toronto, 7:30 pm
Game 5 – Portland @ Houston, 9:30 pm

DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks

Not too many injuries or suspensions going on today.  The most important moves to note are that Patrick Beverley is suffering from the flu and DeJuan Blair is suspended tonight for kicking Tiago Splitter.   The Beverley injury could mean some extra run for Jeremy Lin.

Here’s my tournament team for tonight’s FanDuel $18,000 NBA Shot Tournament:

PG   Damian Lillard   $7800
PG   Deron Williams   $6500
SG   DeMar DeRozan   7500
SG   Manu Ginobili   $5400
SF   Paul Pierce   $6100
SF   Nicolas Batum $7800
PF   Amir Johnson   $4600
PF   Dirk Nowitzki $8000
C     Jonas Valanciunas   $6300

Good luck tonight!

NBA Playoff Schedule and DFS Picks for Monday, April 28

Three games on the NBA Playoff schedule for Monday night:

Game 4 – Mon. April 28, Miami at Charlotte, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 5  
Mon. April 28, Atlanta at Indiana, 8 p.m., NBA TV
Game 4 – Mon. April 28, San Antonio at Dallas, 9:30 p.m., TNT

DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks

I had  a great team going Sunday until DeAndre Jordan decided to mail it in.   14 pts, 22 reb and 5 blocks on Thursday, ZERO points, 6 reb and 2 blocks on Sunday.  Go figure.   The great thing about real money daily fantasy contests at FanDuel is that every day is a new day with a new draft!

The biggest news tonight will be the status of Al Jefferson.  From everything I’ve seen, signs point to him not playing.   Charlotte will have to try and bomb away from outside without Jefferson, which could mean that Kemba Walker gets 20+ shots.   Walker is sitting at $7600, so he should easily make value.  Look for Josh McRoberts to be the biggest inside presence, so maybe some extra rebounds and putbacks could come his way.  Miami is already up 3-0 in the series, so the Heat should be putting out maximum effort to end this series and get some much needed rest, which means plenty of garbage time stats for Bobcat players.

If Jefferson is out, look for Chris Bosh to have a good game.  Bosh is $5900 tonight and should be a great value play.  The one guy that really scares me tonight for Miami is Dwyane Wade.  If this game turns into a blowout, Wade will be the first one hitting the bench in the third quarter.

The Pacers-Hawks series has been a good one and tonight should be no different.   The Vegas total is just 186.5, so putting anyone other than Paul George, Paul Millsap or Jeff Teague on the roster could be risky.  The guy I like best as a risky value play is Lance Stephenson at $6900.

The total in the San Antonio-Dallas game is 200.5, which means that there is potential for some quality fantasy performances.  I think Tony Parker is a must play at $6400, even though Pop rested him the last game.

Here is the entire team for tonight’s $18,000 FanDuel NBA Shot Tournament:

PG   Tony Parker   $6400
PG   Jeff Teague   $7100
SG   Lance Stephenson $6900
SG   Monta Ellis   $7600
SF   Paul George   $9400
SF   Shawn Marion   $5000
PF   David West   $6600
PF   Josh McRoberts   $4800
C     Chris Bosh   $5800

I’m not crazy about this team tonight, especially with the chance that the Miami-Charlotte game turns into a blowout, so I’m only playing the tournament tonight and no 50/50’s.

As for the Donald Sterling stuff, this really couldn’t have happened at a worse time.  These playoffs have been incredible and even casual fans are tuning in, so it’s a real shame that fans who don’t normally watch much basketball get exposed to this.   I hope they realize that this isn’t a common occurrence or position in the NBA.  Hopefully, the NBA and media will realize that it’s much better for the game if they focus on the positives of these great playoff series rather than giving attention to someone who clearly doesn’t deserve our attention at all.  Let’s focus on the games and put Mr. Sterling on the back burner to be dealt with harshly after the season is over.


DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks and NBA Schedule

Four games on the NBA Playoff Schedule and all series have really turned out to be entertaining.  I think I’m probably most looking forward to the Houston-Portland matchup to see if the Rockets can grind it out after Troy Daniels’ game winning shot in the last one.  It’s great to see guys like Daniels get some time in the spotlight and it should be interesting to see if Harden can get it going.

Game 4 – Sun. April 27, Chicago at Washington, 1 p.m., ABC
Game 4 – Sun. April 27, L.A. Clippers at Golden State, 3:30 p.m., ABC/R
Game 4 –
 Sun. April 27, Toronto at Brooklyn, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 4 – Sun. April 27, Houston at Portland, 9:30 p.m., TNT

DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks

I put one team in play yesterday and only managed a 251.5.  I was short on research time which is why I didn’t post picks for Saturday.

The biggest thing today is the suspension of Nene Hilario.  Make sure you get him out of your daily games.  Without Nene, the Bulls should be able to ride NoahGibson and Boozer to some good stats and all three make decent daily plays.  I’d look for the Wizards to try and light it up from outside, which means that Wall, Beal and Ariza should be nice daily plays.  One interesting value play for the Wizards could be Trevor Booker, as he probably gets Nene’s minutes and Booker is sitting at a very cheap $4200.

You might also want to avoid Kyle Lowry, as it’s been reported that he’s dealing with a very sore knee, but expects to play.

Also, keep an eye on David Lee, as he might get replaced by Draymond Green.  I think Lee is probably too risky to play for $6700.

Nicolas Batum ($7600) also has some sort of toe injury, but he’s still probably the best SF play on the board.  If it gets closer to gametime and any report comes out that he’s limited, then I’d probably make a quick change to Chandler Parsons ($7400) at SF.

Here’s what I’m going with today in the FanDuel $5000 NBA Shot:

PG   Damian Lillard   $7500
PG   Deron Williams   $6500
SG   DeMar DeRozan   $7300
SG   Brad Beal   $7200
SF   Trevor Ariza   $5700
SF   Nicolas Batum $7400
PF   Taj Gibson   $5800
PF   Trevor Booker $4200
C     DeAndre Jordan   $7800