2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Shooting Guard (SG) Draft Rankings

SG Rankings Updated October 11, 2013

James Harden (HOU) – Harden now has Dwight Howard to draw defenses in, so expect a bump up in scoring as Harden fills it up from outside.

Dwyane Wade (MIA) – Wade is getting older, but he should still have one more good year that justifies a top 5 rankings.

Paul George (IND) – George just got a huge contract, but don’t expect the normal dropoff that some athletes experience after getting the big money.  George is an across the board help in all categories.

Kobe Bryant (LAL) – Not sure when Kobe will return from his achilles injury, but you can bet he’ll still be top 5 worth when he does.

Monta Ellis (DAL) – Ellis can score, and that’s exactly what the Mavericks need from him.  Expect big scoring and threes, but his assists might not be up to par with Jose Calderon at PG.

J.R. Smith (NYK) – Smith had a breakout year in 2012-13 and I expect that to continue.  He’s got a five game suspension to start the season, but the Knicks will need every minute they can get from  him when he returns.

Andre Iguodala (GSW) – Iguodala is running in a high paced offense that suits his skill set.  Expect a big fantasy year from him.

Evan Turner (PHI) – I’m not a huge Turner fan and if he was on any other team there’s no way he’d be ranked this high.  The Sixers just don’t have anyone to put points on the board and the scoring sort of falls to Turner by default.  Turner is one of those guys who is a lot better in fantasy than in real life.

DeMar DeRozan (TOR) – The Raptors should be much improved this season and although DeRozan is fairly one dimensional, that one dimension is pretty good in a shallow SG pool.

Klay Thompson (GSW) – I love Thompson’s offensive ability, but will he get the same number of opportunities this season with Andre Iguodala around?

Gerald Henderson (CHA) – Henderson is one of my favorite breakout targets this season and a great mid/late round grab who has been sneaking under the radar the last season or so.

Eric Gordon (NOR) – The only thing holding Gordon down in the rankings is his health.  If he comes in this season at 100%, then he’ll be moving up the board.

OJ Mayo (MIL) – Mayo actually had a pretty solid season in Dallas, but he’s on the move again and could find himself in a fairly attractive situation in Milwaukee where they will need all the offense he can give them.

Joe Johnson (BRK) – Johnson is on the down side of his career and the arrival of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett might mean even less touches for Joe this year.

Wesley Matthews (POR) - Matthews is a solid all around player who helps you in just about every category.

Bradley Beal (WAS) – Beal has been derailed by injuries, but he could come in healthy this year and show the skills that made him such a coveted draft pick.  A healthy John Wall should also improve Beal’s shooting opportunities.

Dion Waiters (CLE) – Waiters will be running alongside a healthy Kyrie Irving, which should really help his spot up game.

2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Small Forward (SF) Draft Rankings

SF Rankings Updated October 14, 2013

LeBron James (MIA) – The agument between most fantasy players is who goes first overall, James or Durant.  Give me James and his assist numbers over Durant any day.  With LeBron’s 7+ assists a game I can go cheap on a PG and then spend bigger at another position.

Kevin Durant (OKC) – If you aren’t first you’re last.  Durant is the easy number two choice on the SF board.

Carmelo Anthony (NYK) – Melo is the consolation prize for those who miss out on James or Durant.  After Anthony, it’s a long way down to number four.

Nicholas Batum (POR) – Batum is a bit underrated, but I’ll take his across the board stats at the SF position any day.  His 4.9 assists per game were second only to LeBron at the SF spot.

Paul Pierce (BRK) – How much does Pierce have left in the tank?  I think he’s got one more good year and a big desire to try and grab another ring.

Rudy Gay (TOR) – Gay is one of the most consistent players out there, which can sometimes be fantasy gold in itself.  He had corrective surgery in the offseason, so maybe that even gives him a little room for upside.

Thaddeus Young (PHI) – Young will probably qualify at PF and SF.  He’s about the only good thing left in Philly and I’d expect that he tries to put the team on his back and do it all, which is exactly what fantasy owners are paying for.

Luol Deng (CHI) – Maybe having Derrick Rose back will help Deng keep things going.  The Bulls really need to cut his minutes down though or risk getting him hurt.

Jeff Green (BOS) – This is supposed to be Green’s breakout season, but everyone knows that and you’ll likely have to spend more on him than than you should.  While I think he has a good season, it may justify his price tag on draft day.

Kawhi Leonard (SAS) – Popovich likes him and that’s good enough for me.

Shawn Marion (DAL) – He’s nothing fancy, but at least he’ll get you 12 and 7 with a couple of assists and a steal.

Chandler Parsons (HOU) – It’s going to be a fun year in Houston and Parsons should get a ton of outside looks with Dwight Howard drawing defenses in.

Andrei Kirilenko (BRK) – Kirilenko scares me a little this season as a health risk, but if he can stay healthy he’ll get plenty of minutes backing up the aging Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett.

Wilson Chandler (DEN) – You will probably find Chandler mostly qualifying at SG, but it’s possible some teams have him at SF, which is a great deal if you can get it.




2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Power Forward (PF) Draft Rankings

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2013-2014 Fantasy Basketball Center (C) Draft Rankings

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2013-2014 @FantasyNBADaily Schedule and Posting Plans

The 2013-14 season is approaching and I wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be moving the starting lineups, injury and fantasy news to the @FantasyNBADaily Twitter Feed this season.  I’ll still post the draft rankings and a few articles here on the site, but a majority of the stuff will now be on the Twitter Feed.  Life has gotten pretty busy lately and moving things to Twitter is the only way I can seem to find the time to provide good content and news with my current time constraints.

I’m going to try and get some rankings up around October 1st, so check the homepage then.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming fantasy basketball season!!