Fantasy Basketball Daily News (10/26/09)

The Fantasy Basketball Daily News will be in this column for the rest of the season.  I will have the Fantasy Basketball Daily Boxscore Review in the blog in the center of the page where the News used to appear.   Also, from now on all links will be on the reporting source.  It should make it easier to scan the news.   I always site the original website, so click on it to read the entire article.  On to the fantasy news:

  • reports that Pau Gasol might miss the opener but Andrew Bynum looks ready to go.
  • with the Week 1 Game Schedule and weekly league recommendations.
  • with a pretty good overall fantasy draft primer. 
  • reports that Delonte West’s wife has filed domestic abuse charges.  If you were depending on West, this should just about seal his fate.
  • with a link list of fantasy draft tools.
  • USAToday article sounds pretty optimistic that Derrick Rose will be ready for opening day.
  • with an excellent article on application of the four factors to the Dallas Mavericks.
  • reports that Kwame Brown should be ready on Wednesday when Detroit opens.
  • Dime Magazine with an injury report roundup.
  • ContraCosta Times says that Stephen Curry will get the opening night start start at PG for Golden State.
  • Phoenix has a rebounding problem this season.  If you need rebounds in your league, start any of your big men playing against Phoenix.  They also creat huge rebound opportunity with their high game pace.
  • Al Jefferson may be in danger of missing Wednesday’s opener for Minnesota. 
  • reports that Devin Harris was back at practice on Sunday.  He has been out with a groin problem.
  • with an injury report on Emeka Okafor.  Okafor says he hopes to be ready for the opener.
  • The Oklahoman article on Nenad Krstic.
  • RotoSynthesis with their updated fantasy rookie rankings.
  • Sekou Smith reports that Al Horford and Mike Bibby are a little banged up.

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