Fantasy Point Guard Questions (9/20/10)

It seems like every fantasy player has at least one question mark in their fantasy profile, so I thought we might as well put the obvious questions out there for each player before camps get started to have a good idea what to keep an eye on.

Deron Williams – How much is the loss of Carlos Boozer going to hurt Williams and how long will it take him to mesh with Al Jefferson?

Chris Paul – How is his knee?  Paul’s shots at the rim for the last four years:  29% in 06, 24% in 07, 27% in 08 and 20% last season.  Big dropoff last season, so let’s see if the knee is limiting him or if it is something else.

Rajon Rondo – Is he still an elite rebounder at the PG spot or is his focus now on offense only?  Rondo’s rebound rates over the last four seasons:  9.5 in ’06, 8.3 in ’07, 9.6 in ’08 and 7.5 last season.  What used to be a strength was nothing special last season and was fairly comparable to other PGs.

Stephen Curry – Were his stats simply the result of being forced to play huge minutes because the Warriors could just barely field a full team and how might he be affected if Don Nelson gets canned?

Steve Nash – How much is the loss of Amare Stoudemire going to hurt him and how many minutes is the old man going to lose to Goran Dragic in order to keep him healthy?

Derrick Rose – Can Rose develop the three point shot and how many touches does he lose to Carlos Boozer?

Russell Westbrook - Can he improve his shooting?

Chauncey Billups – Where will Carmelo Anthony go and is there a possibility that Denver blows this team up at midseason if things don’t go well?  If so, where does this leave Billups?

Gilbert Arenas – Does he still have any guns and how is he going to mesh with John Wall?  Arenas isn’t going to want to give up the rock and it’s going to be an issue.

Jason Kidd – How many minutes is he going to lose to Rodrigue Beaubois in order to stay fresh for a playoff run?

Baron Davis – As usual, you just have to ask whether he still cares at all.  Also, when is he going to totally abandon the three point shot that he hit at a 27% rate last season?

Mo Williams – How much will the Cavs lean on Williams now that LeBron is gone? 

Raymond Felton – Does the Mike D’Antoni system turn Felton into a fantasy star?

Darren Collison – Was Collison’s performance last year a small sample outlier or can he do it over a whole season?

Brandon Jennings – Can Jennings improve his 37.1 FG%?

Andre Miller – At 34 years old, can he keep the streak of 11 seasons of playing at least 80 games going?

Aaron Brooks – Is there any way he gets 16 field goal attempts again this season with Kevin Martin, Chase Budinger, Luis Scola and Yao Ming around?

Tony Parker/George Hill - How many minutes will George Hill steal and can Parker finally stay healthy for a full season?

Devin Harris – Can he play any defense this year and can he get along with Avery Johnson?  How will the minutes be split between Harris and Farmar?

Jrue Holiday – How well will he work with rookie Evan Turner and what kind of offense will Doug Collins implement this year in Philly?

Rodney Stuckey – How many minutes could Will Bynum steal when the Pistons decide that Stuckey can’t run an offense as efficiently as Bynum?

Jameer Nelson – Can he stay healthy and what kind of minutes split will there be between Nelson and Chris Duhon?  Can Nelson ever return to all-star status or was he just a one year wonder like Devin Harris?

John Wall – Just how good is he going to be and how short is the leash if he doesn’t perform?  How will he get along with Gilbert Arenas?

Luke Ridnour – Can he produce well enough in Flynn’s absence to keep the job for the entire year?

Mike Conley – Could he lose point guard minutes to O.J. Mayo?  Can he keep his job for the entire year?

Jarrett Jack/Jose Calderon - What kind of timeshare will these two be in?

Ramon Sessions – Can he and Mo Williams play on the court at the same time?  Can he improve his shooting enough to be fantasy worthy?

Derek Fisher/Steve Blake – Who starts and who gets the most minutes?  Is this just a fantasy wasteland no matter who starts?

Jonny Flynn – How long will he be out with the hip problem and how effective will he be even when he does return?

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