DraftKings Daily Fantasy Basketball Site Review

DraftKings is one of the newer daily fantasy sites on the scene, but it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular and one of my favorites.  Just to show how far they’ve come, they are sponsoring Greg Merson who made this year’s World Series of Poker final table, so be on the lookout for the DraftKings logo on his shirt at the ESPN televised final table!  I’ve added them to my list of sites where I’ll be playing daily fantasy basketball this season and wanted to hit the highlights of the site for you guys.

Registration – You can REGISTER FOR FREE HERE.    When you click through the link you’ll land on the homepage for DraftKings.  Simply create a username and password and then provide a valid email address.  You will be emailed a verification and you’re all set to play!

Funding – You do not have to fund your account when you create it.  You can play a few free games to get a feel for the site and then when you decide to play for real money your account can be funded with Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express or Paypal.  Withdrawals are quick and easy.  My personal favorite is to fund with Paypal so that you can withdraw the same way.  It’s quicker to make withdrawals with the Paypal setup.  You can also withdraw by paper check if you want that method.

Sign Up Bonus – When you register through the link above, you also earn a 100% bonus on your first account deposit.  For example, if you deposit $100, then DraftKings will add an additional $100 to your account.  This only applies to your first deposit.

Customer Service – If you have any questions about the site, DraftKings is very quick in returning emails, usually within 30 minutes.  They have one of the better customer service departments around.

Daily NBA Fantasy Basketball Game Setup:

DraftKings Salary Cap Game uses a roster setup that is unique in the daily industry.  Their rosters are setup using 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 C, 1 G, 1 F and 1 Utility player.  The G, F and Utility players really provide flexibility when building your roster.  They provide $50,000 to construct your team and the player pricing is very accurate.

Their Scoring is as follows:
Point Scored = +1 pts
Three Pointer Bonus = +.5 pts
Rebound = +1.25 pts
Assist = +1.5 pts
Block = +2 pts
Steal = +2 pts
Turnover = -.5 pts
Double-Double = +1.5 pts (One allowed per player)
Triple Double = +3 pts (One allowed per player)

One general feature that I know a lot of guys look for is the multi-game edit.  DraftKings has this feature for it’s games.  This feature simply allows users to edit more than one roster simultaneously.  For example, if you find out five minutes before tipoff that Rajon Rondo is hurt, then you simply use the multi-game edit button to select a player to replace Rondo and it inserts that player into all your games.  It’s a huge timesaver and a true lifesaver in some situations.

DraftKings also allows importing of your existing roster when you join additional games.  For example, if you join a $5 game and then decide to join a $10 game, you can simply import your roster from the previous $5 game if you want.  It’s a real timesaver.

Types of Games Offered:

DraftKings pretty much offers any kind of game you could want.  A complete list of all the games is continuously posted on the DraftKings Homepage.  They offer head to head two player contests as well as 3, 5, 10 and 20 player contests.  They have a full roster of large field tournaments that range in size from $1 entry to $109 entry.

Their tournament offerings include guaranteed tournaments, double up tournaments, steps tournaments and multi/single entry tournaments.  There is truly something for every kind of tournament player.

I’ve tried to hit the highlights for you guys, but the best way to truly experience the site is to SIGN UP FOR FREE and take a look for yourself.  Good luck this season and I’ll be posting some of my favorite tournament picks in my daily articles for the DraftKings tourneys!