DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks and NBA Schedule

Four games on the NBA Playoff Schedule and all series have really turned out to be entertaining.  I think I’m probably most looking forward to the Houston-Portland matchup to see if the Rockets can grind it out after Troy Daniels’ game winning shot in the last one.  It’s great to see guys like Daniels get some time in the spotlight and it should be interesting to see if Harden can get it going.

Game 4 - Sun. April 27, Chicago at Washington, 1 p.m., ABC
Game 4 - Sun. April 27, L.A. Clippers at Golden State, 3:30 p.m., ABC/R
Game 4 -
 Sun. April 27, Toronto at Brooklyn, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 4 - Sun. April 27, Houston at Portland, 9:30 p.m., TNT

DFS Fantasy Basketball Tournament Picks

I put one team in play yesterday and only managed a 251.5.  I was short on research time which is why I didn’t post picks for Saturday.

The biggest thing today is the suspension of Nene Hilario.  Make sure you get him out of your daily games.  Without Nene, the Bulls should be able to ride NoahGibson and Boozer to some good stats and all three make decent daily plays.  I’d look for the Wizards to try and light it up from outside, which means that Wall, Beal and Ariza should be nice daily plays.  One interesting value play for the Wizards could be Trevor Booker, as he probably gets Nene’s minutes and Booker is sitting at a very cheap $4200.

You might also want to avoid Kyle Lowry, as it’s been reported that he’s dealing with a very sore knee, but expects to play.

Also, keep an eye on David Lee, as he might get replaced by Draymond Green.  I think Lee is probably too risky to play for $6700.

Nicolas Batum ($7600) also has some sort of toe injury, but he’s still probably the best SF play on the board.  If it gets closer to gametime and any report comes out that he’s limited, then I’d probably make a quick change to Chandler Parsons ($7400) at SF.

Here’s what I’m going with today in the FanDuel $5000 NBA Shot:

PG   Damian Lillard   $7500
PG   Deron Williams   $6500
SG   DeMar DeRozan   $7300
SG   Brad Beal   $7200
SF   Trevor Ariza   $5700
SF   Nicolas Batum $7400
PF   Taj Gibson   $5800
PF   Trevor Booker $4200
C     DeAndre Jordan   $7800

NBA Playoff Schedule and DFS Picks for Thursday, April 24

Three games on the NBA playoff schedule for Thursday night which means we have FanDuel action!  Here’s the time and channels for tonight’s games:

Game 3 - Thu. April 24, Indiana at Atlanta, 7 p.m., NBA TV
Game 3 - Thu. April 24, Oklahoma City at Memphis, 8 p.m., TNT
Game 3 - Thu. April 24, L.A. Clippers at Golden State, 10:30 p.m., TNT

Tonight’s DFS Basketball Tournament Picks

Sorry for missing you guys yesterday on the picks, but it was probably for the best as my team really stunk it up with a 236.  I got busy working in the yard and then got about 10 rose bush thorns stuck in my arm, which took about an hour to get out.  Let that be a lesson for all DFS players, if you don’t have the time to do the research, then don’t play.  Your bankroll will thank you.  Here’s what I’ve got for tonight’s FanDuel $18,000 NBA Shot:

PG   Jeff Teague   $7000
PG   Mike Conley   $7700
SG   Klay Thompson $6200
SG   Kyle Korver   $4200
SF   Paul George   $9300
SF   Harrison Barnes   $4400
PF   David West   $6400
PF   David Lee   $6700
C    Marc Gasol   $8100

I have to say that I don’t really care much for this team, but with only three games on the schedule, I guess it isn’t horrible.  And besides, having some money riding on it makes it so much more fun for us degens to watch, LOL.  Good luck tonight guys.

Fantasy Baseball Tournaments and Cash Games

With fantasy basketball winding down, I also wanted to give you guys a heads up on real money fantasy baseball games going at FanDuel.  While the daily basketball games are going on for most of the playoffs, I know many of you guys will be switching over to baseball soon and FanDuel has you covered.  They also have weekly fantasy football games for real money, so check them out, you can sign up for free HERE.

As a little bonus, here’s what I’ve got tonight for the FanDuel $18,000 MLB Squeeze:

P    Scott Kazmir   $7600
C    Matt Wieters   $3300
1B   Mike Napoli   $3200
2B   Dustin Pedroia   $3300
SS   Ian Desmond   $3100
3B   Brett Lawrie   $2800
OF   Jose Bautista   $4700
OF   Carlos Beltran   $3600
OF   Jayson Werth   $3100

Tuesday Night Playoff Schedule and DFS Picks

Three games on the schedule for Tuesday night:

Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Atlanta at Indiana, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Brooklyn at Toronto, 8 p.m., NBA TV
Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Washington at Chicago, 9:30 p.m., TNT

DFS Tournament and 50/50 Picks

My Monday-Tuesday games are not looking too good with Klay Thompson posting a real dud Monday night.  Zach Randolph was solid, but I’m not sure if I can overcome the poor game from Klay.  Since there are three games on the schedule tonight, FanDuel has games that cover tonight only.   I’m still kicking around some ideas, but my roster is below.   I’d really like to go Joe Jonson instead of Kyle Korver, but the salary cap just isn’t very flexible with only three NBA games.  Here’s what I got so far for the FanDuel $15,000 NBA Shot Tournament:

PG   Deron Williams   $6700
PG   John Wall   $7800
SG   Kyle Korver   $4500
SG   Jimmy Butler   $6300
SF   Paul George   $9000
SF   Paul Pierce   $6000
PF   Nene Hilario  $6500
PF   David West   $6500
C     Jonas Valanciunas   $6600

Salary Cap is $60,000,  Salary Cap Used is $59,900.

I’ve also got a second team in the tournament with the same roster but switching out Joe Johnson for Korver, Roy Hibbert for Valanciunas and DeRozan for Butler.  I don’t like the team much because of Hibbert, but for $2 I figured I’d give it a gamble.

Good luck tonight guys!

Sunday NBA Playoff Schedule and DFS Tournament Picks

Today’s NBA Schedule

Another full day of basketball on tap for Sunday with games starting at 1:00 pm EST.  Here is today’s schedule with TV listings:

Game 1 - Sun. April 20, Dallas at San Antonio, 1 p.m., TNT
Game 1 - 
Sun. April 20, Charlotte at Miami, 3:30 p.m., ABC/R
Game 1 - Sun. April 20, Washington at Chicago, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 1 - Sun. April 20, Portland at Houston, 9:30 p.m., TNT

Daily Fantasy Tournament Picks

Yesterday’s tournament picks put up a score of 274.8 which was good enough to cash in all of my 50/50 games, but was just outside of cashing in the tournament.  West and DeRozan had poor games and Roy Hibbert only put up 13.6 FDP, which was still poor value even with the $4100 salary.

Here’s what I’m rolling with today for all my FanDuel 50/50 and Tournament Games:

PG   Tony Parker   $5700
PG   Damian Lillard   $7200
SG   Dwyane Wade   $6900
SG   Jimmy Butler   $6200
SF   Nicolas Batum   $$7400
SF   Shawn Marion   $4900
PF   Tim Duncan   $7300
PF   Dirk Nowitzki   $8400
C    Chris Bosh  $5800

Salary cap is $60,000,  Salary cap used is $59,800.

I’d love to squeeze LeBron on the roster today, but with only a four game schedule and LeBron’s salary at $10,400, there just wasn’t enough cheap value to be found at the other positions to compensate.  Today’s team is probably a better 50/50 team than it is GPP tournament team.

Rosters lock at 1:00 pm EST, so make sure you have your FanDuel Games set by then.   Also, the $18,000 NBA Shot with a $2 entry fee is filling quickly this morning so get in early.

Saturday NBA Playoff Schedule and DFS Tournament Picks

Here’s the schedule for Saturday’s 2014 NBA Playoff Games:

Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Brooklyn at Toronto, 12:30 p.m., ESPN
Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Golden State at L.A. Clippers, 3:30 p.m., ABC/R
Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Atlanta at Indiana, 7 p.m., ESPN
Game 1 – Sat. April 19, Memphis at Oklahoma City, 9:30 p.m., ESPN

Here’s my FanDuel $15,000 NBA Shot Tournament selections for Saturday:

PG   Jeff Teague   $6800
PG   Deron Williams   $6700
SG   Klay Thompson   $6200
SG   DeMar DeRozan   $7600
SF   Paul Pierce   $5400
SF   Paul George   $8700
PF   Zach Randolph   $7600
PF   David West   $6700
C     Roy Hibbert   $4100

Salary Cap $60,000,  Salary Cap Used $59,800

FanDuel currently has their real money games posted for Saturday, so start building your team!