Fantasy Basketball Daily Pre-Game Report for Tuesday, February 14

Tuesday’s Daily Fantasy Sports Tournament Schedule:

Fanduel $5000 NBA Dunk – 7:00 PM EST, $100 Entry, Top 6 Teams Paid
Fanduel $4000 NBA Slam – 7:00 PM EST, $25 Entry, Top 16 Teams Paid
Fanduel $2000 NBA Assist – 7:00 PM EST, $5 Entry, Top 50 Teams Paid
Fanduel $4000 NBA Rebound – 7:00 PM  EST, $10 Entry, Top 53 Teams Paid
Fanduel $2500 NBA Shot – 7:00 PM EST, $2 Entry, Top 123 Teams Paid
Fanduel Two Player Head to Head Matches – 7:00 PM EST, $1 to $535 Entry

Fanduel NCAA College Fantasy Basketball Tournament – 7:00 PM EST, $10 Entry, Top 8 Teams Paid

Fanduel $500 NHL Fantasy Hockey Tournament – 7:00 PM EST, $5 Entry, Top 13 Teams Paid

Tuesday’s NBA Schedule, Lines, Injuries, Probable Starting Lineups and Tournament Picks

New York (-5)  @ Toronto    189 Total
NYK:  J. Lin, L. Fields, B. Walker, A. Stoudemire, T. Chandler
TOR:  J. Calderon, D. DeRozan, J. Johnson, A. Johnson, A. Gray

  • Amare Stoudemire should return Tuesday.  Jared Jeffries will move back to the bench.  I like Stoudemire in this one, he should be rested and the Raptors are extremely weak on the interior.  It should definitely be fun to watch Lin and Amare run the pick and roll.
  • Jeremy Lin’s price on most daily sites has skyrocketed to the point where he’s not much of a bargain, especially considering the fact that Amare is back and Lin’s luck could run out any day now.  However, if you want to spend the money on Lin, this should be one of his best matchups against the horrible defense of Jose Calderon.
  • Carmelo Anthony is out.  Bill Walker could get the start, but the rotation is a bit sketchy right now.
  • Jerryd Bayless is listed as a gametime decision, but I doubt he plays. 
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:  Jeremy Lin, Amare Stoudemire


Miami (-2) @ Indiana    198 Total
MIA:  M. Chalmers, D. Wade, L. James, C. Bosh, J. Anthony
IND:  D. Collison, P. George, D. Granger, D. West, R. Hibbert

  • Roy Hibbert could have a nice game against Joel Anthony and is the Pacers best hope of scoring enough to take down the Heat.
  • David West has really been picking up his scoring and the knee could finally be getting healthy.   He’s got a fairly low salary on most daily sites, so keep an eye on him.
  • Dexter Pittman is questionable.
  • George Hill remains out for the Pacers.
  • Dwyane Wade tweaked his ankle last night, so be safe and check his gametime status.  He could have a tough game anyway against Paul George.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:   Roy Hibbert


 San Antonio (-8) @ Detroit   187 Total
SAS:  T. Parker, (K. Leonard/D. Green), R. Jefferson, T. Duncan, D. Blair
DET:  B. Knight, R. Stuckey, T. Prince, G. Monroe, J. Maxiell

  • Manu Ginibili has returned and he’s coming off the bench.  He’ll probably slowly work up to 25 minutes a game as the all-star break approaches and should go for 30 after that.
  • Kawhi Leonard’s value takes a huge hit with the return of Ginobili, he’s probably a safe drop.
  • Brandon Knight has been slumping badly and it might be best to lay off him for a few games until the nose heals and he gets rid of the mask.
  • Keep an eye on Tim Duncan’s pregame status.  If you see he’s out, then grab Tiago Splitter.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:   Tony Parker


Sacramento @ Chicago
SAC:  T. Evans, M. Thornton, J. Salmons, J. Thompson, D. Cousins
CHI:  CJ Watson, R. Brewer, L. Deng, C. Boozer, J. Noah

  • Derrick Rose is doubtful, but he saw a back specialist and there isn’t any structural damage in his back, which is great news.  CJ Watson should get the start.
  • Carlos Boozer could be a sneaky play tonight against Jason Thompson.  The Bulls need offense and the Boozer/Thompson matchup is probably the best spot for the Bulls.
  • Rip Hamilton is out.  Ronnie Brewer will get the start.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:   Carlos Boozer


Houston at Memphis (-3)   189 Total
HOU:  K. Lowry, K. Martin, C. Parsons, L. Scola, S. Dalembert
MEM:  M. Conley, (OJ Mayo/T. Allen), R. Gay, M. Speights, M. Gasol

  • Rudy Gay could have a nice game against the pair of Chandler Parsons and Chase Budinger.
  • Look for Marc Gasol to dominate inside against the slumping Samuel Dalembert and Jordan Hill.
  • Kevin Martin has been incredibly inconsistent and having Tony Allen guarding him tonight isn’t going to help.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:   Marc Gasol


Utah @ Oklahoma City (-12.5)   201 Total
UTA:  D. Harris, R. Bell, G. Hayward, P. Millsap, A. Jefferson
OKC:  R. Westbrook, D. Cook, K. Durant, S. Ibaka, K. Perkins

  • Devin Harris is starting, but he’s been so horrible that he isn’t playable at any price.
  • Gordon Hayward has really been producing lately, but having to defend Kevin Durant may hinder his offensive stats tonight.
  • Al Jefferson could have a solid line against Kendrick Perkins.
  • Russell Westbrook should be able to post a big line against the soft defense of Devin Harris.
  • Thabo Sefolosha is questionable.  Daequan Cook would pickup another start if Sefolosha can’t go.  James Harden will pick up good minutes also.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:  Al Jefferson, Russell Westbrook


Phoenix @ Denver (-9)   206 Total
PHO:  S. Nash, J. Dudley, G. Hill, C. Frye, M. Gortat
DEN:  T. Lawson, A. Afflalo, R. Fernandez/C. Brewer,  K. Koufos

  • Nene is doubtful.  Kosta Koufos could get the start.
  • Timofey Mozgov is doubtful.
  • Marcin Gortat looks like a good play tonight if Nene is out.
  • Jared Dudley has been a decent low salary player over the last couple of weeks and could post a decent line again tonight.
  • Danilo Gallinari is out.  Rudy Fernandez and Corey Brewer will split minutes at SF.  Corey Brewer is probably the better bet here.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:  Marcin Gortat, Ty Lawson


Washington @ Portland (-15)  193.5 Total
WAS:  J. Wall, N. Young, C. Singleton, T. Booker, J. McGee
POR:  R. Felton, W. Matthews, G. Wallace, L. Aldridge, M. Camby

  • Rashard Lewis is doubtful.  Chris Singleton should get the start.
  • Marcus Camby is a gametime decision.  Look for Nic Batum to pick up some extra minutes if Camby is out.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:   JaVale McGee (if Camby is out)


Atlanta @ LA Lakers (-5.5)   178 Total
ATL:  J. Teague, J. Johnson, M. Williams, J. Smith, Z. Pachulia
LAL:  D. Fisher, K. Bryant, M. Peace, P.  Gasol, A. Bynum

  • Andrew Bynum has a great matchup tonight against Zaza Pachulia.
  • Steve Blake has been getting decent minutes since returning from an injury.
  • Look for the Lakers to show some extra defensive attention to Josh Smith.
  • Daily Fantasy Tournament Pick:  Andrew Bynum


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