New Posting Schedule for the Fantasy Basketball Playoffs

Baseball season is almost here and my posting at Fantasy Basketball Daily will now only consist of fantasy basketball playoff advice a couple of times a week for the rest of the regular season.   I got out of the flow by missing last week and I’ve got to miss a few days this week too, so I figure it’s best to move to weekly playoff advice now since I was going to scale back posting anyway once opening day of baseball season got here.

I’ll also be maintaining the blog and putting up weekly posts in the offseason about the NBA draft, trades, starting position battles, etc., so keep me in your favorites tab!

I’ve enjoyed posting the Pre-Game report for all the daily fantasy cash game players out there and I hope you guys have a great remainder of the season.  Don’t forget that all the daily sites like Fanduel, Daily Joust and DraftStreet will be having daily fantasy baseball cash games and tournaments, so definitely check them out!  I’ll be playing daily, so say hello if you see me around  the chatrooms.

Good luck the rest of the season and I’ll hit you guys up with some fantasy basketball playoff advice later this week.


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