Tuesday Night Playoff Schedule and DFS Picks

Three games on the schedule for Tuesday night:

Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Atlanta at Indiana, 7 p.m., TNT
Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Brooklyn at Toronto, 8 p.m., NBA TV
Game 2 - Tue. April 22, Washington at Chicago, 9:30 p.m., TNT

DFS Tournament and 50/50 Picks

My Monday-Tuesday games are not looking too good with Klay Thompson posting a real dud Monday night.  Zach Randolph was solid, but I’m not sure if I can overcome the poor game from Klay.  Since there are three games on the schedule tonight, FanDuel has games that cover tonight only.   I’m still kicking around some ideas, but my roster is below.   I’d really like to go Joe Jonson instead of Kyle Korver, but the salary cap just isn’t very flexible with only three NBA games.  Here’s what I got so far for the FanDuel $15,000 NBA Shot Tournament:

PG   Deron Williams   $6700
PG   John Wall   $7800
SG   Kyle Korver   $4500
SG   Jimmy Butler   $6300
SF   Paul George   $9000
SF   Paul Pierce   $6000
PF   Nene Hilario  $6500
PF   David West   $6500
C     Jonas Valanciunas   $6600

Salary Cap is $60,000,  Salary Cap Used is $59,900.

I’ve also got a second team in the tournament with the same roster but switching out Joe Johnson for Korver, Roy Hibbert for Valanciunas and DeRozan for Butler.  I don’t like the team much because of Hibbert, but for $2 I figured I’d give it a gamble.

Good luck tonight guys!

2013-2014 @FantasyNBADaily Schedule and Posting Plans

The 2013-14 season is approaching and I wanted to let you guys know that I’ll be moving the starting lineups, injury and fantasy news to the @FantasyNBADaily Twitter Feed this season.  I’ll still post the draft rankings and a few articles here on the site, but a majority of the stuff will now be on the Twitter Feed.  Life has gotten pretty busy lately and moving things to Twitter is the only way I can seem to find the time to provide good content and news with my current time constraints.

I’m going to try and get some rankings up around October 1st, so check the homepage then.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming fantasy basketball season!!

Monday’s Fantasy Basketball Tournament Schedule and Sit/Start Picks

There are 8 NBA games on the schedule and a full slate of fantasy basketball tournaments tonight at every entry price level.  Registration is easy, so get signed up for free and get in tonight’s games!!  Here’s tonight’s tournament schedule followed by a few tournament picks:

$1000 NBA Dribbler – $1 Entry fee, $150 for 1st, 1116 Teams, Top 122 spots win
$5000 NBA Shot – $2 Entry fee, $700 for 1st, 2790 Teams, Top 250 spots win
$3000 NBA Assist – $5 Entry fee, $600 for 1st, 670 Teams, Top 71 spots win
$5000 NBA Rebound – $10 Entry fee, $1200 for 1st, 559 Teams, Top 55 spots win
$5000 NBA Slam – $25 Entry fee, $1000 for 1st, 223 Teams, Top 23 spots win
$2000 NBA Swish – $50 Entry fee, $750 for 1st, 44 Teams, Top 6 spots win
$3000 NBA Dunk – $100 Entry fee, $1200 for 1st, 33 Teams, Top 4 spots win
NBA 50/50 Leagues – $1 to $25 Entry fee available, Top half of field wins
Two Player Head to Head Games – $1 to $109 Entry Fee Available


Point Guard

Damian Lillard ($6400) – Lillard has looked great to start the season and his price is slowly creeping up from the $5000 starting level.  I would guess this is the last week he’ll be priced below $7000, so use him now in a great matchup against the weak Mavs defense.

Darren Collison ($5900) – Collison is still very cheap, even after turning in a couple of solid performances, and tonight he gets a matchup against the inexperienced defense of Damian Lillard.  Great value here.

Mo Williams ($6300) – Williams has been jacking up non-stop threes and should continue that trend tonight.  This isn’t as good of a matchup as he usually gets because the backcourt of Mike Conley and Tony Allen is pretty good defensively, but it’s still pretty juicy for the salary price.


Shooting Guard

Dwyane Wade ($8700) – I think Wade is a must play tonight if you have the salary cap space.  He’s shown to be healthy and has a favorable matchup against a fast paced Suns team with Jared Dudley opposing him at SG.

Paul George ($7100) – George will match up against Danny Green tonight and should post a big line.

Dion Waiters ($5500)Fanduel has been a little slow to adjust Waiters’ salary, so if you want to gamble on a bargain at shooting guard, Waiters is great option against the weak defense of Jamal Crawford.


Small Forward

Dorell Wright ($6800) – Jason Richardson is out tonight and I’d expect that Evan Turner and Nick Young will handle the SG spot, which leaves Wright to absorb most of the minutes at SF.  He needs to make a strong showing to make a case for future minutes.

Danny Green ($5600) – Check Manu Ginobili’s health status and if it looks like he’s out, then grab Green as a great low salary sleeper tonight.

Carmelo Anthony ($8300) – Melo is about all the Knicks have going on the offensive side of the ball and he should be able to abuse Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes for a big night.


Power Forward

Michael Beasley ($6500) – Beasley put up a real stinker to start the season, but has bounced back nicely.  His salary still reflects his one bad game and he should be able to earn his $6500 salary against Miami since the Suns will likely be in catch up mode all night.  Sometimes garbage time stats are good.

J.J. Hickson ($6800)Fanduel still has Hickson listed at PF, so feel free to use him against the Mavs.  Chris Kaman is still a bit limited, so Hickson could have an opportunity to get the best of him.

Chris Bosh ($7600) – Bosh is an interesting play after scoring 40 points Saturday against the Nuggets.  He’s matched up against Marcin Gortat who gave up a huge game to the inexperienced Nikola Vucevic.  Gortat could be a little fatigued after playing last night and Bosh could take advantage.  Sometimes it’s just smart to ride the hot hand, and Bosh certainly had it Saturday.



Brook Lopez ($6900) – Lopez catches a scheduling break here with Kevin Love out of the lineup.  He should be able to put up decent points against the more immobile Nikola Pekovic.

Anderson Varejao ($7000) – Varejao has put up a couple of monster games and makes a solid mid-range salary play against a Clippers team who hasn’t been rebounding all that well.

Roy Hibbert ($7400) – Hibbert will have a big size advantage against the Spurs if they choose to go with Boris Diaw at center.  More than likely, Tiago Splitter will get the bulk of the minutes, but that’s still a pretty good matchup for Hibbert.


Fantasy Basketball Playoffs Waiver Wire Pickups for April 2nd – 8th

There’s four weeks left in the regular season and everyone should be starting their playoffs this week or already be into their second round of playoffs.   I’ve got a few teams that barely limped into the playoffs and are facing top seeds and the list of players below are some guys who are longshots, but could produce some big nights to help you defeat those powerful top seeded playoff opponents.

Point Guard

Baron Davis (NYK)Jeremy Lin’s Cinderella run came to a quick end with a serious knee injury that will probably knock him out for the rest of the season.  Davis has been patiently waiting his turn and will likely give it some extra effort now that he’s playing for a team where the games actually mean something.

Donald Sloan (CLE)Kyrie Irving missed Saturday’s game with a shoulder injury and Sloan got the start.  He put up a decent line going for 10 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.  Keep an eye on Irving’s injury status and give Sloan a play if Irving misses more time.

Gilbert Arenas (MEM)Mike Conley missed Saturday’s game with a shoulder injury and Arenas got 17 minutes of run, putting up 4 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists.  I don’t think he’s going to get more than 25 minutes of action in any game, but if you are desperate for a PG, Arenas has the ability to get hot and turn in the occasional big night.


Shooting Guard

Iman Shumpert (NYK) – I’ve actually seen Shumpert still floating around on a few wires, but he should be grabbed with the loss of Jeremy Lin.   If Baron Davis goes down and injury, and he probably will, then Shumpert will be the man in the backcourt.

George Hill (IND) – Hill is either all or nothing.  He’s scored 9, 4, 0, 0 and 24 points in his last five games and reached 30 minutes in two of them.  The best thing he offers is the ability for across the board stats, especially steals.  He won’t hurt you in any category and he helps in just about every one.

Anthony Morrow (NJN) – How aggravating is Anthony Morrow?  He’s been one of my most inconsistent plays, but he has such a high upside that he’s worth the gamble if you need a huge night to save your playoff round.  He went for 24 points Saturday, making 6 three pointers.  If you need to make up ground in the three category, Morrow is a must play.

Randy Foye/Nick Young (LAC) – These two are locked into a timeshare, but I get the feeling that Foye will soon win this battle, which is a little surprising.

Avery Bradley (BOS) – As long as Ray Allen remains out, Bradley is a must pickup for the fantasy playoffs.  Even when Allen returns, I expect that the Celtics will continue to be really careful with him, which means Bradley will probably still be getting decent minutes.

Alec Burks (UTA) – Burks is a great pickup for guys in keeper leagues and he can also provide some playoff help with his scoring ability.

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New Posting Schedule for the Fantasy Basketball Playoffs

Baseball season is almost here and my posting at Fantasy Basketball Daily will now only consist of fantasy basketball playoff advice a couple of times a week for the rest of the regular season.   I got out of the flow by missing last week and I’ve got to miss a few days this week too, so I figure it’s best to move to weekly playoff advice now since I was going to scale back posting anyway once opening day of baseball season got here.

I’ll also be maintaining the blog and putting up weekly posts in the offseason about the NBA draft, trades, starting position battles, etc., so keep me in your favorites tab!

I’ve enjoyed posting the Pre-Game report for all the daily fantasy cash game players out there and I hope you guys have a great remainder of the season.  Don’t forget that all the daily sites like Fanduel, Daily Joust and DraftStreet will be having daily fantasy baseball cash games and tournaments, so definitely check them out!  I’ll be playing daily, so say hello if you see me around  the chatrooms.

Good luck the rest of the season and I’ll hit you guys up with some fantasy basketball playoff advice later this week.